What are the features of flag?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Q: What are the features of flag?
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Which American flag features the union flag?

The US flag incorporates and has developed from the Union flag

Which plant features on the flag of Mexico?


Which province has a flag that features a bison?


Which state features a bear on their flag?


What national flag features a kalashnikov?


What are the appealing features of Canada's flag?

The Maple Leaf and its colors that are similar to the American Flag

Which Australian state features a black swan on its flag?

The black swan is the bird emblem for Western Australia.

Is the canadian flag the only one with a leaf?

The Canadian Flag is the only national flag with a maple leaf. Though the Grenada flag has a clove of nutmeg on it. Also, the Cyprus flag has olive branches on its flag. And Lebanon features a tree on its flag.

What North American country features the maple leaf on their flag?


What does the horn of plenty mean on the flag of Peru?

A variant on the national flag of Peru features the country's coat of arms. This features a cornucopia or horn of plenty spilling coins to indicate the mineral resources of Peru.

What are 2 names for the flag of Scotland?

The Saltire and the St. Andrew's Cross are two names for the flag of Scotland. It features a white diagonal cross on a blue field.

What is the Chinese flag color?

The flag of the People's Republic of China is red. The flag features five yellow stars in the upper left corner with the left star larger than the other four.