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Activity-based costing and management

Capital structure

Comparative Balance sheet

Comparative Valuation.

Corporate lending

Creating Value through Financial Management

Cost Reduction and Control

Corporate finance

Capital budgeting

Computational finance

Debtor management

Dependence on external finance: an inherent industry characteristic?

EQA Earnings quality Analysis

Fundamental Analysis to Assess Earnings Quality

Financial Modeling of a company for last 10 years, leading to a analysis of its ratios.

Financial Planning and forecasting

International business

International finance

Investment banking

Investment management

International Banking, Foreign Exchange, Monetary Economics, Micro Finance, Rural Finance

Industry analysis and company analysis on a scenario basis, competitiveness, growth potential and credit analysis

Liquidity Analysis

New Financial Approaches for the Economic Sustainability in Manufacturing Industry

Optimization Methods in Finance

Project Finance as a Tool for Growth

Ratio Analysis

Research in Risk management, Banking, Derivatives etc

Structured Finance

The Effects of Financial Constraints on Corporate Investment Decisions and Demand for

Venture Capital

Virtual finance

Working Capital management

Zero Base Budgeting

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Q: What are the finance topics for BBM project work?
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