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Q: What are the five vital organs that are essential for survival?
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What are the five main?

Some vital organs in the human body include:BrainHeartLungsKidneyLiverSkinIntestinesPancreasStomach

What are the skeletons 5 functions?

The five functions of the skeleton are Protect Vital organs ,storage Of calcium, movement Via mustle attachment, provide Shape, and productions of blood cells.

What are the five largest human organs?

There are seven vital organs :BrainHeartLungsKidneysLiverPancreasit is more than, than that.5 vitalheartlungsliverspleenkidneyone of these are important, because when organ is weak or have disease, the other vital orgarns may have complication...commonbrainpancreas

What five things plant need to grow?

air(which constains carbon dioxide which is vital to a plants survival sun light water rich soil and if you want a large and healthy plant, fertilizer

What are the five organization of life?

five organizations of life are:cells,tissues,organs,organs systems and organism.

How many organs total does a female have?

Women have five sexual organs.

What are Survival rates for bladder cancer?

bladder cancer has a very good survival rate. if the cancer is discovered early than the survival rate or five years is 94%. this is very good compared to other cancers we know about today. however when the cancer has spread to the organs in the pelvic region than the rates drop down to 49% and once it has spread to the other organs the rate falls to 6%. this is a fact that bladder cancer is more common in men then women.- my great-grandfather has this :/

What is a five letter word for necessary?


The five components of vital statistics?

Vital statistics is defined as quantitative data concerning a population. The five components of this data are births, deaths, marriages, health, and disease.

What are five criteria essential to establishing effective service standards?

What are five criteria essential to establishing effective service standards?

Major sense organs?

There are five major sense organs. Hear, touch, smell, and taste.

What is the survival rate for people suffering from ovarian cancer?

The survival rate for ovarian cancer varies by the severity of the disease and how early the disease is detected. The typical five-year rate is around 45%, but if diagnosed early, the five-year survival rate can be as high as 90%.