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What are the four methods of data processing in computer?


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It's Batch Processing,Realtime Processing,On line Processing and Distributed Processing.

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The four methods of data processing are batch processing, realtime processing, on line processing and distributed processing.

state four features that make computer useful for data processing

- Data processing - Data storage - Data movement - Control

They are:Batch ProcessingInteractive ProcessingReal-time processingProcess Control

The four computer functions are: - data input -data processing -data storage and -data output The relationship between these and processing is that when data is entered into a computer,that is input, then the computer fetches it,decodes it executes it and results are stored in the CPU registers or even the user can choose to store to any other storage media.Therefore,the four functions of a computer are stages of information processing.

Data processing , Data Storage , Data Movement , Control

The four essential elements of a comuter or input, output, processing and storage of data.

The data processing cycle is the order in which data is processed. There are four stages; # Data collection # Data input # Data processing and storage # Data output

The four major ways of data processing is 1.accepting inputs 2.processing which involve the sorting and manipulation of data.,data is been stored into the hard disk or any memory available and is been sent out as INFORMATION in a format that is readable and useable.

The data processing cycle is the order in which data is processed. There are four stages; # Data collection # Data input # Data processing and storage # Data output

1 : Input (Enter Data ) 2: Processing(Manipulate Data ) 3: Output ("View" Processed Data ) 4: Storage ( Store Data)

Computers have four basic functions:they take in information (input),they store data (storage),they manipulate data (processing),they provide the user with information (output).

The four components of computer processing:inputstorageprocessingoutput

Identify the problem. Develop a solution. Implement the solution. Monitor the results.Answerinput processoutput

They include: hardware, software, procedure and personnel. No matter the scale of the processing required, electronic data processing always involves these four basic elements.

Input, output, processing, and storage

there are four basic function of computer. 1)Input Device such as keyboard, mouse.etc 2)Processing-to manipulate data. 3)Output-View' processed data. 4)Storage- Store data example is CD,DVD.Flash Disk. Hard drive, Diskette.

A quad processor is essentially a chip with four separate units that read data. The more computer central processing units (CPUs) that a computer has, the more efficient it will operate and function for the user.

# organize data # display data # ...

think it goes something like input data, data stored, processed, and data output

The four basic operations in a computer are:* Accepting input* Performing processing* Outputting results* Storage

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