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What are the function of the volumetric flask?


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to measure liquids and other chemical fluids

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The volumetric flask is used to prepare solutions of known concentrations.

A volumetric flask is typicaly used to measure volume of a sample.

A volumetric flask is used to contain a specific volume of liquid. It is generally used in chemistry.

The goal of the volumetric flask is to prepare solutions of known concentration; it is not recommended to use volumetric flasks to stock solutions for long time.

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volumateric flask is also a type of flask

A volumetric flask is more accurate than a graduated cylinder. The only advantage the graduated cylinder has to a volumetric flask in measuring volume is that the graduated cylinder can measure many different volumes, whereas a volumetric flask only measures one volume. (You can have different volumetric flasks of different volumes, but you can only use it for that one volume. I.e. a 100mL volumetric flask can only accurately measure 100mL, and a 5mL volumetric flask can only accurately measure 5mL)

Erlenmeyer Flask & Volumetric Flask.

Rinse the volumetric flask twice with the solution that you about to fill it with, stopper the opening and shake the flask so that all surface area inside the flask will be covered. This is so that the solution will not be diluted or contaminated when poured into the flask.

It can but it's no use because in a volumetric flask are desired to obtain a pure solution with a well known concentration.

You swirl the liquids in volumetric flasks to mix them.

The Volumetric flask is used to measure one specific volume. They are mostly used in mixing solutions where a one liter or one half a liter is needed.

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>> Beaker >> Filtering Flask >> Erlenmayer Flask >> Florence Flask >> Volumetric Flask P.s Lynne (i forgot the last flask)

it depends really. the larger the percentage error is the smaller the accurecy .... buret is more acurate than pipet and volumetric flask is the last

Volumetric flask, also known as measuring flask or graduated flask, is a kind of glassware which is used for accurate dilutions and preparation of standard solutions. Volumetric flasks are usually pear-shaped with a graduation mark on the neck. The mark indicates the volume when the solution reaches there. Volumetric flasks are various in size, but they come in standard size, 10.00 ml, 25.00 ml, 50.00 ml, 100.0 ml, 250.0 ml, 500.0 ml, etc.

what is the function of florence flask

I my experience the Erlenmeyer flask is better for certain things than others.... what I mean is that is has labeled measurements on the side and the increments are based on the size of the flask but the volumetric flask is better is you want to dilute a solution at a certain volume to find....molarity they both have good qualities it just depends on what you want to use it for.

As the pipette is far more accurate than a flask by a factor 10 to 100 one should NOT use a volumetric flask except for standard volumes over 100 ml.

It is used to measure the volume of any liquid composition.

It is used to measure the volume of any liquid composition.

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