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Suspected abuse is always a difficult subject. The steps to report suspected abuse differ depending on the age of the person and who is doing the reporting.

Some professionals are "mandatory reporters", meaning they must make a report whenever anything arouses suspicion. Doctors, nurses, dentists, school nurses, teachers and school administrators are all mandatory reporters. They should follow their institution's protocols and policies, but basically, it would simply mean making the report to the appropriate agency and possibly to the police, and documenting what was seen / heard / witnessed / suspected. who made the call with the date and time, who took the report (name and title), and what was reported. For example a gym teacher noticed a young boy had welts across his back so the gym teacher and school administrator would both likely document.

Anyone in the community can report abuse, whether he/she leaves a name or calls anonymously. The intake worker will need: the name of the family, the names of the parents if known, the name of the child or children, an address of the home if known, and what raised your suspicions. The more information you give, the better assessment can be done. Your name will not be given to the parents. Child Welfare usually must follow up within 24 hours of a report.

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Q: What are the general steps to be taken in order to report a suspected case of abuse?
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