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What are the graduation requirements for Princeton university?

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The graduation requirements will depend of the degree program in which you are enrolled. However, there are general education requirements such as a writing seminar and foreign language which are required of all students.

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When did Michelle Obama graduate from Princeton university?

1985 was the year of her graduation.

What are the requirements to get into Princeton University?

You can visit their home page and find out.

What are the requirements to get into Indiana University?

after graduation can i take admission for law

How much money does a person make from graduating from Princeton university?

Where one graduates from does not imply that he/she will make more money. If a student attends a fine university, such a Princeton, he/she will receive a quality education that hopefully will translate into marketable skills in the workplace after graduation. Simply attending Princeton University will not guarantee monetary success.

How did Forrest gump graduate college?

He passed all of the University of Alabama's graduation requirements.

Is there a Princeton university campus in Paris?

No, the Princeton University campus is in Princeton, NJ USA.

When was Princeton University created?

Princeton University was created in 1746.

What is the acres Princeton University?

The main campus of Princeton university, in Princeton Boro and Princeton Township, covers about 600 acres.

What is the nickname for Princeton university?

The nickname for Princeton University is Old Nassau.

What was cost of Princeton University in 1980?

what was the tuition at princeton university in 1980

What are the requirements to get into Princeton law school?

AnswerPrinceton does have a law school!!!

What is the cost of books at Princeton University?

What is the cost of books at Princeton University?1,569

Is Princeton University a state school?

No, Princeton University is a private educational institution.

Who attended Princeton university in the 1700s?

Did John Garnett attend Princeton University?

Is Princeton a state university or private school?

Princeton University is a private school.

When was Princeton University Press created?

Princeton University Press was created in 1905.

When was Princeton University Band created?

Princeton University Band was created in 1919.

When was Princeton University Chapel created?

Princeton University Chapel was created in 1928.

Is Princeton a naval academy?

No. Princeton is a university.

Does Princeton University own the town of Princeton?


Where is the Princeton University in Princeton New Jersey located?

The address of the Princeton University is: 701 Carnegit Center Suite 154, Princeton, NJ 08540

Who were the founders of Princeton university?

sir Princeton fouded Princeton in 1746

When was Princeton University founded?

Princeton University was founded as the College of New Jersey in 1746.

What is the driving distance between Princeton University and Georgetown University?

The driving distance from Princeton University to Georgetown University is 195 miles.

Is Princeton university a religious college?

princeton university is a religious college, tho the university might have other thoughts.

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