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2mg time released, which means 2mg would be given troughout the day instead of at once.

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2012-08-14 13:05:27
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Q: What are the green xanax bars?
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Are green xanax bars time released?


Is there 1mg green Xanax?

green xanax is 2 mgs it comes in a rectangular shape also known as "bars"

What is different about green xanax bars?

The color that's all

Can xanax have a greenish color to them?

yupp green bars rx s903

How many milligrams are in green Xanax bars 2mg or 3 mg?


How many milligrams is the white xanax bar?

All xanax "Bars", whether white, green, or yellow, are 2 mg.

How many milligrams is in the white xanax bar?

All xanax "Bars", whether white, green, or yellow, are 2 mg.

How many mg is a green xanax bar?

2 Mg all bars are 2 Mg the color represents the intensity of the xanax effects.

What is the difference between yellow and green xanax bars?

what is the difference between the yellow and green xanax bars? the yellow are extended release but the green ones are better to me but really dnt kno much about the green ones only had them like one time but i like the green over the yallow and the yallow over the green

where can I buy green Xanax bars online without prescription?

if you want these. look no further trust what i just told you. To buy green Xanax bars online just trust people like cocaine powder sale it's a good try.

Are green or yellow xanax bars better?

I am prescribed 2 bars twice a day for a total of four (4) bars a day. I have had the white bars, the yellow bars, the white round "pies", and the green bars. And in my opinion, the green bars are FAR better than the others. For me they work faster and last longer. But that's just MY opinion.

Are yellow Xanax bars the same as white Xanax bars?

Yellow Xanax bar| Yellow Xanax is a generic version of the drug, but it can produce the same effect as the traditional Xanax bars and other forms. Yellow Xanax bars contain 2 mg of active Alprazolam that is a high dosage of the drug.

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