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In the 'older' versions of the Periodic table this group 7 was known as the halogens (F, Cl, Br, I, At )

But later one decided that this group of halogens should be numbered as 17 in stead of 7.

This was done because the so called 'transition' elements (ten elements in each of the periods 4 till 7) have been put in between the groups 2 and 'old' 3.

So the original question: "What are the group 7 elements known as?" now has the answer:

In group 7 are the elements : Mn (25), Tc (43) and Re (75) and Uns (107) nowadays.

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What are the elements in the group 7 called?

The elements in Group 7 are known as the halogens.

What are elements in group 7 are known as?

they are the transition metals

What is the family name for group 7 elements?

When studying the Periodic Table of Elements it is important to know the group number and family names. Group 7 is known as the Manganese family.

What are the group 7 elements?

The group 7 elements are known as the halogens. The halogens consist of fluorine(F), chlorine(Cl), bromine (Br), iodine(I) and astatine (At).

What are elements in group 17 known as?

The group 17 elements are known as the halogens.

What is common in group VII?

Group VIIA elements are known as halogens and all have 7 valence electrons.

What are group 7 elements called?

Halogens.Group 7 elements are called halogens.

Group 1 elements are known as this type of metal?

What are group 1 elements best known as? Group 1 elements are best know as the "Alkali Metals".

The elements known as the alkali metals are found in Group?

The elements known as alkali metals are found in group I

Which are more reactive Group 1 elements or Group 7 elements?

The elements of the group I are more reactive than the elements of the group VII.

Group 18 elements are known as?

the group 18 elements are known as the noble gases. the term 'noble' is used because (as a rule) group 18 elements do not react chemically with other elements.

What do all elements in group 7 have in common?

All elements in group 7 have the same no. of electrons in their outermost shells... and this no. correspondes to the group no.

The elements in group 17 are known by what name?

The elements in group 17 are known by the name halogens. They are non-metal elements and are at times referred to as salts.

What is the name of the group 17 on the periodic table?

Group 17, also known as Group 7 in more junior levels, is comonly called "the halogens". If Group 7 elements form ions, then they are called "the halides".

Which group of elements in the periodic table is known as the alkali?

Group 1 elements in the periodic table is known as alkali. They are basic in nature.

Why do group one elements react with group 7 elements?

group 1 elements have to 'lose' one electron to fill their outermost shell of electrons group 7 elements have to 'gain' one electron to complete their outermost shell of electrons

What is the group of elements with 7 electrons?

A Group 7 element is one in the series of elements in group 7 (IUPAC style) in the periodic table, which consists of the transition metals manganese (Mn), technetium (Tc), rhenium (Re), and bohrium (Bh). All of these elements are classed in Group 7 because their valence shells hold seven electrons. Technetium has no stable isotopes. Technetium and promethium are the only two such elements before polonium, after which no known element has a stable isotope.

What elements have 7 valence elements?

all the elements in group 7, ex: chlorine, fluorine, etc.

Synthetic elements are found in what group?

These elements are in the period 7.

Why are group1 and 7 found as compounds?

Group 1 elements have very low electronegativies and group 7 elements have very high electronegativities, so that both are reactive with almost every other element, the group 1 elements by donating electrons and the group 7 elements by accepting electrons.

What groups are found in the periodic table?

There are 18 groups in the modern periodic table. Elements in group 1 are also known as alkali metals. Elements in group 2 are also known as alkali earth metals. Elements in group 17 are also known as halogens (salt makers). Elements in group 18 are also known as noble gases.

What is the name of the family of elements in Group IA 1?

Group IA or group 1 elements are known as alkali metals.

What group does group one from the periodic table likes to reacts with?

Group one elements are the most reactive with group 7 elements as it is the easiest way for the elements to complete their outer shell as the group one element gives its extra electron to the group 7 element and then the group 7 element has a full shell too.

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