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What are the hacks for sonic adventure 2 battle?


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I know one hack; it's how to duplicate a chao! There are lots more, like: playing as metal sonic, super sonic, Nazo the Red Hedgehog, etc. in any stage. To duplicate a chao you need to have two memory cards with game data from sonic adventure 2 battle in them and sonic advance with a link cable to the game cube. Take out the Sonic Advance cartridge, then hook the link cable to the GameBoy Advance and Game Cube. Now you can turn on both gaming systems. Go into the chao garden to pick your chao. Now put it into the chao transporter. make a copy of the chao and send it to the GameBoy Advance the GameBoy wil say Nintendo then go to the tiny chao garden.Now on the GameCube go to options and switch memory cards. Then transport the chao copy to the GameCube,

once done pick up the chao wait 10 seconds and transfer the chao to the other memory card, then go back to the other memory card, and now you have two of the same chao.(this is recommended if you have a very strong or expensive chao) Good luck =)