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Q: What are the harmful and useful effects of Paramecium Aurelia?
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What types of fungi are harmful and what types are useful?

Fungi is definitely more useful than it is harmful. Yeast (which IS fungi) is used to convert sugar to alcohol in the making of beer and wine. Fungi is even used to make penicillin. Also club fungi is good for you too. The fungi that are bad for you can be Jockitch, Tiena, Candida, and ugaa

What are the 10 uses and 10 harmful effects of microorganisms in your daily life?

1-Microorganisms helps us in making alchol. 2- Microorganisms helps us in bakery. 3-Microorganisms us in making medicines. 4-Microorganisms us in making curd. 5- Microorganisms fix atmospheric nitrogen ( NO2 ) to the soil. 6- Microorganisms helps us in resarching on diseases. 7- Microorganisms replinsh the soil.

Is bacteria harmful or useful?

According to research, Archae bacteria might be harmful to humans because of its ability to survive the human body, weaken its immune system, and cause disease. Though, there are still no studies or diseases that linked this type of bacteria to a human.

What can microbes do?

There are both harmful and useful microbes. Harmful microbes like bacteria,virus and fungus can cause diseases while some useful microbes like bacteria can help in fermentation process like the yeast or as food like mushroom and many lacobacillus microbes that help in producing vitamins and in synthesis of food.Many microbes help produce antibiotic medicines. Microbes like algae are edible or help by photosynthesis to maintain the CO2 -O2 balance in the environment.

What living things is harmful to us?

Some of the different useful animals to the earth are animals like cows because they create other nutrients for the land and mankind also some of the different animals the help the planet are animals that eat harmful animals like bats are to some poisons spiders and bugs .