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What are the health questions asked in order to get life insurance?


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In my opinion, that's a "dead end" question. What medical issues do you have? Then I as an Agent can help you get the coverage you need. Even if they don't specifically ask about your condition if you have something - the company probably should know about it. Click here for information on what happens if you don't disclose what your supposed to on an application.

To view an application visit my link below, labeled application then click on the West Coast Life Application.

There is a list of questions that most life insurance brokers will ask you. If your broker doesn't ask you any questions, then I suggest you run (don't walk) and find a more responsible and honest broker!

Each question in the list can lead to additional questions if the applicant answers in a particular way. For example, if the broker asks the applicant if she has any dangerous hobbies -- and the applicant says "yes, I scuba dive" -- then the broker should ask specific questions about her scuba diving (perhaps such as how often, how deep are the dives, and so on).

The most important thing is don't lie to your broker. Always tell the truth. You should feel comfortable enough with your broker that you can confide all of your concerns. If you don't feel comfortable with your broker, then please find another broker! Good and open communication is critical to finding the most affordable life insurance policy that's right for you.

I understand many people are scared to tell the truth. They think the truth will prevent them from getting coverage. But that's usually not true!

In fact, there's an educational database for "high risk" consumers seeking life insurance. The database contains real case histories from the files of an independent life insurance broker. It's a great way for consumers to see what's possible, given a particular set of circumstances. And it should help calm you down about your own chances of getting good coverage.

For example, here are case histories of Crohns Disease patients, along with the best quotes received from the underwriter.

I and good luck! :-)


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