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They're not horns. They're not antlers. The "bony things" on a giraffe's head are called "ossicones." They are growths formed from soft cartilage that has super hardened (ossified). They remain covered with skin and hair/fur, unlike the horns of deer and antelopes. Giraffes have 2 ossicones on top of their heads; those of the female are smaller than those of the male. It is with these "horns" that the giraffe can be sexed: Females have a tuft of fur atop of the horn, whereas the males horns are bald. Some males develop calcium deposits on top of their heads, creating an illusion of three or more horns. However, these are not true horns and giraffes always have 2 ossicones.

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Q: What are the horn-like objects on the head of a giraffe?
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