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Approximately 50% of welders work 40-50 hours a week but some can push up to 60.

Thats a lot of money$$$

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How many hours does a welder work?

A welder works 40 hours to over time

How many hours does a welder work in a week?

That depends on the location, the project and the company a welder works for. It is safe to say that 40 hours a week is a good start.

On average how many hours does a welder work?

a 40 hours work day

How many hours does a welder work in a day?

6 hour out of 8

What is the pay rate for experieced welder in NJ?

What is the yearly wage of a welder? What is the yearly wage of a welder? What is the yearly wage of a welder?

How do you become a certified welder WA?

how do you become a certified welder how do you become a certified welder

What is the value of Lincoln welder ac 250 c?

That would depend on the model , age and condition or hours .

What promotions does a pipe welder have?

Pipe welder?

Is TIG Welder is also considered as Co2 welder?

No , although Co2 may be used , along with other gasses , a welder using this process is not considered a Co2 welder . TIG stands for tungsten Inert Gas , so the welder is considered / called a TIG Welder.

What is the monthly salory for a welder?

it depends on how many hours they work which they can get paid around 15 to 100 dollars an hour.

What is the difference between a welder and master welder?

There might be a number of differences between a welder and master welder like Experience- Yes, the master welder has more experience than that of a welder. Finishing- It matters a lot in the welding services, whose finishing best then he must be a master welder. Time duration- Might the master welder takes less time to complete a job rather than a normal welder. So, above are the few differences. If you'll choose the professional welder like in Welding in Horsham, Brighton or any famous place there is 90% of chances to get the master welder.

Job description of a welder?

what is the job description of welder

What is benefit of an underwater welder?

underwater welder Benefits?

What does single hand welder mean?

A "single hand welder" is any person welding on a job that is not using their own personal equipment. I.E., welding with a company welder or rented welder until you can afford to buy your own welder.

How big of a generator do you need to drive a 200 amp welder?

When you refer to a 200 amp welder you are talking about the output side of the welder. What you have to do is find out what the input voltage and current of the welder is to calculate the size of a generator needed to operate the welder.

Who is the first welder in the world?

The first welder is John Doe.

How much does a welder makes?

The salary of a welder will vary depending on experience and where they work. The average salary for a welder is $35,793 per year.

What is a sp weld?

SP welder means Structural purpose welder.

Is a wire feed a mig or tig?

The wire feed welder is a MIG welder.

What school should a welder go to?

A Welder should go to Harverd are the sort

Who becomes a welder?

One which desires to become a welder, and takes the necessary training .

How many diameter inch per day can a welder do?

15 for a good welder.

What it the welder called that can weld aluminum?

can weld aluminium with a mig or tig welder

How is a certified welder different from a qualified welder?

I think Certified welder learn from the books and get certificate. But Qualified welders learn from the practical knowlege then they qualify the field.

What country makes Mondis Welder Generators?

what country makes mondis welder/generators