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Q: What are the ingredients in lancomes teint idole foundation?
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What is J' ai le teint?

Le teint is the hue, the colour shade when speaking of the skin (especially the face). J'ai le teint clair: I am light-skinned. Elle a un teint de pêche : she has the skin as soft as a peach.

How do you say i am fair in complexion in french?

"J'ai le teint clair".

What type of cosmetics does Lancome sell?

Lancome sells all of the most common cosmetics, for your face, eyes, and lips, such as foundation, moisturizers, eye shadows, eye liners, lipstick, and lip gloss.

What is Wheatish complexion in french?

a wheatish complexion would be translated in French as "un teint oliv

How do you translate 'make up' in french?

maquillage fond de teint

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