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"Kool Aid" is a powdered drink mix, the brand name formerly owned by General Foods, and today by Kraft Foods. The powdered form was invented in 1927 by a young scientist named Edwin Perkins as a way to easily transport beverage mixes.

The "unsweetened" form of Kool Aid contains fruit flavoring, citric acid, calcium phosphate, salt and Vitamin C. Some flavors add maltodextrin if natural fruit solids are used.

The "sugar free" mixes add Aspartame (Nutrasweet) and acesulfame potassium.

The "sugar sweetened" mix adds sugar, sodium citrate, and the preservative BHA.


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Water with a gallon of water with one koolaid packet or whatever flavor and do so for a month or so.

koolaid is mostly made of water suger and koolaid pack.

What it says on the packet of the cake mix usually.

a 2 liter of sunkist, 1 pack of cherry and grape koolaid.

Koolaid Man ohyeah

I like Koolaid i do 2 hope did this

Kool-Aid's main ingredient in a packet is citric acid.If you look on the back of a Kool-Aid packet they have a list of ingredients. The ingredients are listed from greatest to least. So, the main ingredient is always listed at the top, and the ingredient that there is not much of is listed at the bottom.

You need to look at the packet and see the ingredients listed. Some will have animal products in them some will not.

First think about the question. This is important. The question is REALLY asking you this: "How do you dissolve something in water without heating it" So think up your Koolaid answer. When you make Koolaid you don't want warm or hot koolaid, you want nice cold Koolaid that you can drink right away. So what do you do. You take out your packet of koolaid and dump it into a container and fill it with some water. Now what do you do? Just let it sit and hope it all gets stirred up by itself? No, you stir it until its all dissolved. The second part of the questions mentions Saturated. This usually means completely soaking wet, but in chemistry it means the water is so full of koolaid that no more can be dissolved. So to make really really bad Koolaid, you take a glass of water that's not cold, stir in a whole bunch of koolaid and keep stirring and adding in more until no more koolaid can be dissolved. Then it would be saturated at room temperature

some kind of medicine only for sea-monkeys

This is because if any one has a reaction to the ingredients and the company did not show the ingredients on the packet they could get fined. or they would lose lots of money.

If you threw the ingredients out for the packet cake mix, you don't have a cake to make. Normally, packet cake mixes don't come with mix-it-yourself icing -- but if it did, and you did throw it out, try making a basic buttercream frosting. Go to or and look up one that you like.

The ingredients in Cheetos include corn meal, vegetable oil, whey, salt and milk. The full list of ingredients can be found on the Frito-Lay Cheetos website, or on the back of a packet of Cheetos.

Koolaid is made from a mixture of compounds, thus it is a mixture.

You should always look on the packet to check the ingredients, but NO its active ingredient is a benzodiazepine.

Kool aid packet of your choicewatersugarcalaries 45.

packet of grape Kool-aid sugar and water... dumba$$.

To redeem collected points, go to and click on the Kool-Aid points box on the bottom right hand corner. It will take you to this link (if it hasn't been updated): -Follow the instructions as you will still have to print out the form and mail it and the points.

It will be listed on the side of the packet along with the 'ingredients'. Or, the flour will be called "self-raising".

It depends how you define cheaper. If you buy full packets of ingredients, but only use a small quantity of each of the ingredients for the pancakes, and look at what the cost of that small quantity would have been, it works out cheaper to buy the ingredients. However if you look at the cost of buying the full amount of ingredients, packet mix is cheaper. So if you buy the ingredients and intend to use the entire quantity of all of them, it works out cheaper than packet mix.

boil hot water , put in 2 packets of koolaid ,(watever color) wen boiled put in a bowl or cup , get a piece of hair dip it in the koolaid for 5 minutes

No it does not. If Koolaid gets on your hair just wash it off. It might me a little sticky but it will not stain.

A packet.A packet.A packet.A packet.

It's literally a pack that instantly cools by either shaking, or breaking the packet that's inside the outer packet, and mixing the ingredients together. It then, INSTANTLY, cools. Same for instant heat packs.

Yes. It will kill you.

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