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What are the jobs in football?


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All the differant coaches





people from the nfl board


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you dont if you play football

Coach,quarterback,and founder

Some jobs that involve good physical stamina include basketball, football, arena football, hockey, soccer, rugby, and wrestling.

Farmer, file clerk, football coach and forest ranger are jobs. They begin with the letter f.

A rapper,football player,baseball player.

Yes Football players dont have to read anything 2.samba 3.turism

managing , coaching , refereeing , training , Fan mail sorting

Football matches lead to cheering fans. Those fans may need a bus to the ground or a car park to park in. They may also feel hungry after the match, which gives the job of restaurants etc... So all those jobs aren't anything to do with football, but they all earn a living from it!

Accountant, sales, architecture, even football players need to know math!

can do this now find play football loser don't listen to him he is so wrong!

Because most people able to play hard hitting football have high maitence jobs and dont have time.

in all different jobs like eing a laywer,football player,police officer,bueaty stylist, because of checks and money

manager, owner, physio, player, assistant and many more that i cant be bothered to write

I don't think they earned anything. If it is like rugby league in Australia, they probably had day jobs to earn money and played football as a passion.

One of the main jobs of the center is to snap the ball to the quarterback. After he has snapped the ball, his main job is to block.

Answer#1Ballet Dancers for one; football players for two. Kinda ironic, no?

Head football and basketball coaches in the NFL, NBS, and college can earn this much money.

football players make $900 a game and $20 000 000 during practice

all jobs need math.because math is used as a important thing in many jobs . for example a football player has to know how many touchdown it team did. another example is that a teacher has to know how many students are in her classroom ,or to buy how school supplies.

any football player, a baseball catcher, hockey goalie, soccer goalie and nascar drivers

Because they are professional players. And that's there jobs while unpaid players play for pride not money

There are a number of potential jobs you could apply for at a football stadium. Some of the more obvious options would be to work as a ticket taker or at one of the many concession stands. These are good options for you if you are friendly and personable as these jobs require you to interact with many people at the event. For stadiums with "finer dining" options, individuals with cooking or bartending experience may look to those as other options. In addition, many stadiums have suites for those guests who have paid for a more premium experience. They will often need servers for the guests and runners to bring items to the suites. These are some of the common jobs you can apply for at a football stadium.

Five Football player In the army Pingpong champion Shrimp boat caption Lawned mower

I think you only need to look at oil and steel company directors. Who owns Chelsea football club? Who has invested in QPR football club. If you do some research into my answer your question will also be answered.

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