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Q: What are the law of development direction?
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What is the motto of Law Development Centre?

The motto of Law Development Centre is 'Know the Law'.

When was Law Development Centre created?

Law Development Centre was created in 1970.

Which law gives the direction of induced current?

LENZ LAW gives the direction of induced current.

What are the direction of computer development?

The three directions computers have taken since development

What is the development of the law of negligence?

Experience of the judges in their work is the key route to the development of the law of negligence

In what direction does the development of the brain proceed?

from back to front

What are the phases of career development?

A) direction phase b) assessment phase c) development phase

What are the three D's in the national security strategy?

diplomacy, direction, development

The direction of statically induced emf can be found by which law?

Lenz's Law

What is the difference of third law of motion to other law of motion?

The third law involves direction!

What are the three D's in national security?

diplomacy, direction, development

Is cephalo-caudal the outward or downward direction of development?