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The letters mf on an Italian violin refer to mezzo forte, an Italian musical term for "medium loud."

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Q: What are the letters 'mf' on a violin when translated from Italian to English?
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What is 'violin' when translated from English to Italian?


What is 'I play the violin' when translated from English to Italian?

suono il violino

Is 'violin' feminine or masculine when translated from English to French?

Masculine becomes the gender of the word "violin" when translated from English to French. The French equivalent, violon, may be preceded immediately by the masculine singular le since French employs definite articles where English does not use "the." The pronunciation will be "(luh) vyo-lo" in Cariocan Brazilian and in continental Portuguese.

Who invented the Viola and when?

The viola was never "invented", as such, rather a process of evolving ways of carving wood into a shape to make a nice sound. Its history is longer than the violin's, as originally the violin was viewed a a small viola, hence the ending "ino" [in italian] in violino, translated to violin.

Is a 1920 Italian violin better than a 1750 British violin?

No. The older the violin, the better the sound.

What is the Italian word for plucking a violin?

Plucking the strings of a violin is called pizzicato.

What is do you know how to play the violin in Italian?

"Do you know how to play the violin?" in Italian would be:Non si sa come suonare il violino?

What is the difference between a German violin and Italian violin?

they're made in different countries

Who is the Italian violin master?

Arcangelo Corelli

Are violins French?

The original violin was created in Italy. So the violin is in fact an Italian instrument.

What has the author Friedrich Niederheitmann written?

Friedrich Niederheitmann has written: 'Cremona: an account of the Italian violin-makers and their instruments' -- subject(s): Violin, Violin makers 'Cremona' -- subject(s): Violin, Violin makers

What language is the word violin originally from?

The word "violin" originates from the Italian language. It is derived from the Italian word "violino," which means a small viola.