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Agriculture, raising of cattle and sheep and production of goods.


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The Aztecs main economic activities were manufacturing agriculture and trade.

the main economic activities of ghana are horticulture,botany,fishing,sleighing and farming. i hope this helped =)

Jamaica's economic activities are fishing, farming, tourism and manufacturing.

Venezuela has several main economic activities. Two of the most popular, however, are oil, as well as the process of refining.

The MAIN economic activities in Costa Rica are: farming and agriculture

the main economic actvities of mexico are agriculture growing crops, and exports.

The main economic activities for West Virginia included farming and fishing. Tobacco was the main cash crop that was grown in Jamestown which was in West Virginia colony.

Oil production is the main economic activity.

I believe one of them is Manufacturing

tourism and offshore banking

The answer is mining, fishing and rafting.

The main economic activities during town life were agriculture, trade and raising livestock.

The main economic activities during town life were agriculture, trade and raising livestock.

Canada has a mixed economics system.

resource exploitation, tourism, and recreation.

Coal mining, research, and tourism.

Yes, the traditional economic activities are the same as the ealy economic activities.

There are a number of major economic activities of New Brunswick, Canada. These include construction, mining, manufacturing, as well asÊtrade.

fishing oil timber shipbuiding shipping

religion traveling and ancient places

demand, choice and opportunity cost

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