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hello dolphin

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Q: What are the main features of a bottlenose dolphin?
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Does a bottlenose dolphin have neck?

No a bottlenose dolphin does not have a neck

What kingdom is the bottlenose dolphin?

The bottlenose dolphin is in the kingdom mammals

What is the common name for the bottlenose dolphin?

bottlenose dolphin

Which is smarter a bottlenose dolphin or an adult octopus?

the bottlenose dolphin is. by far.

What are bottlenose dolphins called if there female?

A female bottlenose dolphin (there is no special phrasing for a female bottlenose dolphin)

Which is smarter a bottlenose dolphin or an adult squid?

a bottlenose dolphin you stupid person

When was Common bottlenose dolphin created?

Common bottlenose dolphin was created in 1821.

What is a scientific for a bottlenose dolphin?

Tursiops truncatus is the scientific name for a bottlenose dolphin.

How does a bottlenose dolphin defend itself?

Like most dolphins, the main defense mechanism of the Bottlenose Dolphin is travelling in groups. They'll use their speed and grouping to confuse predators, attacking if necessary.

What is the most common species of dolphin?

Atlantic bottlenose dolphin Bottlenose Dolphins are the most common species of dolphin. Of course, they are the most recognizable and popular dolphin as well. Bottlenose dolphins are likely the dolphin you think of when your hear the word "dolphin".

Is the bottlenose dolphin the fastest swimmer out of dolphins?

No the bottlenose dolphin is not the fastest swimmer out of the dolphins the orca dolphin is the fastest dolphin out of all the dolphins.

What are tail fins of a Bottlenose dolphin called?

the tail fins of a bottlenose dolphin are called flukes