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The most commonly encountered groups of freshwater algae are green algae, diatoms, and blue-green algae

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Q: What are the main groups of algae found in freshwater lakes?
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What are the main groups of algae found un the freshwater lakes?

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What is freshwater algae?

Freshwater algae is a type of algae that only grows in lakes. It is commonly found in states like Minnesota, Michigan, New York, and Colorado.

Is saltwater or freshwater found in lakes?

I think it is both because there are also algae and stuff that are also in oceans....

Where is freshwater found?

Freshwater is found in lakes and rivers.

How do the Great Lakes compare to other groups of freshwater lakes?


What is a five letter word ending in A meaning freshwater limestone algae?

The word you are looking for is chara.It's five letters, ending in A.Chara is an algae which forms in freshwater lakes in limestone-heavy environments.

What is one great lake?

The Great Lakes are a group of five major freshwater lakes. These are Lakes Superior, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Hudson and Lake Ontario. They form the largest groups of freshwater lakes on Earth's surface.Source: was found using google images, second page.

What is a bacteria found in freshwater lakes and ponds?


Where is most green algae found?

in lakes and ponds

What are 3 examples of phytoplankton?

Diatoms, Green and Golden Algae and Cyanobacteria Golden algae live in lakes and oceans, while diatoms live in freshwater and saltwater.

Where is most freshwater found in Canada?

Most of the freshwater in the US is the Great Lakes.

Where is most of the freshwater found?

rivers, lakes, ponds, glaciers etc.