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The main objects in our solar system are the sun,the terrestrial planets,And the gas giants

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I would be happy to help with an answer, what are main objects?

the main objects in the solar system are the 8 planets and the sun and asteroid's are alike because they both are in the solar system and they are different because the sun is the fartest object in the solar system and the 8 planets are large natural objects that orbit the sun.:):)

well, like, it is the planets, and like the sun, and like the stars... And so ya

The 8 planets, definitely... as well as the sun and asteroids.

Jupiter and Earth are part of the same solar system (all the planets and other objects orbiting the Sun). Jupiter's planetary system has four main moons: Io, Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto.

There is no main groups of planets in our solar system, although the Sun and Jupiter is special.

yes! The sun, the 8 main planets, at least 4 minor planets, many asteroids, Kuiper Belt objects, and a variety of dust and ice far out beyond Neptune make up the solar system.

There are many types of objects in the solar system. First up there's the sun. Everything in the solar system revolves around it. Next are the planets. These are the largest objects rotating around the sun. Asteroids are too small to be planets. There are also dwarf planets, minor planets, and so on. Comets are these frozen balls that stay mostly in the Kuiper Belt or the Oort Cloud. Sometimes they come into Earth's view. Anything beyond Neptune is a KBO. (Kuiper Belt Object) Pluto was KBOed in 2006. The whole solar system is one light-year wide. The sun is like 99.6% of the solar system. Those are the main objects in the solar system.

The two main things that happen to solar radiation that reaches earth is absorption and reflection. This happens because of the different objects on earth.

The central component of the Solar System is the Sun, a G2 main-sequence star.

the three main part are solar system and digestive system and excretory system

Yes, it is , it is the main source in the Solar System , surrounded by the Other 9 Planets

No. There are other asteroid belts besides the main asteroid belt in our solar system. Also, there are asteroids outside our solar system.

A heliocentric solar system is centered around the sun(helio) or a star. A geocentric solar system is centered around the earth(geo) or other planet.

Yes - gravity was one of the main factors involved in forming the Solar System.

The two most abundant elements in the solar system are hydrogen and helium.

There is one star in our solar system: the sun. It is a yellow main sequence star.

There are two main reasons.Jupiter's gravity perturbed objects enough to prevent them from forming a single objects.There is not enough mass in the asteroid belt to form anything close to the mass of any of the planets, though it may have been different in the early solar system.

There is only one main body of the Solar System - The Sun. +++ Although the Sun forms the Solar System's centre of mass and energy, a single body does not a system make. The main bodies are the Sun and the Planets - the minor ones are the Asteroids and the Comets.

no everything orbits around the sun because that the main planet in our solar system

There are currently eighteen known planets and two protoplanets in our solar system. We are always discovering more, so this may change. This is also widely debated, because different scientists think differently about how "planet" should be classified. It is common for scientists to only acknowledge eight planets in our system, and it is true that there are eight main planets. However, there are also ten dwarf planets, which are a form of small rocky planet. For a list of objects that make up the solar system, see the related links.

His Main Goal was to Build Something that he could use to see the solar system!

The Sun is 99.6 % of all the mass in the Solar System; Jupiter is more than half the rest.

All the objects in the solar system orbit the Sun and the Sun is the main source of heat and energy.]people are ginger because they get rubbed with cocks when there little yummy

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