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One of the main reasons people celebrate Christmas is to celebrate Jesus Birthday.

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Q: What are the main reasons people celebrate Christmas?
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How do people observe Christmas?

There are basically two main reasons people observe Christmas. Some observe it in honor of the Christ child's birthday, while others celebrate the holiday as a time to exchange gifts.

What special customs or holidays do people celebrate in Austria?

In Austria, one of the main holidays they celebrate is Christmas Day.

What makes people celebrate Christmas in the real sense?

The main reason why people delebrate Christmas is that it is a well established social custom in countries that have substantial Christian populations. Lots of people enjoy celebrating Christmas, and some people are even religiously motivated, but those are secondary reasons.

What is the main reason of Christmas?

To celebrate Christ's birthday.

Are there countries that don't celebrate Christmas in December?

The main populous of non-christian countries will not celebrate Christmas. Where Christmas is celebrated, it is always on a day we call Christmas....for a reason....

What is Taylor Swift's main holiday she loves to celebrate?


Main reasons to celebrate Thanksgiving?

To sleep like the hibernate animals

Do they celebrate Christmas in Russia?

Yes, they do. Russia's main religion is Russian Orthodox Christianity and they celebrate Christmas on the 7th and 8th of January. It's called Rozhdestvo.

How do Christians in Israel celebrate Christmas?

The main spot for Christianity is Bethlehem Jerusalem and Ariel those have the largest populations of Christians. Christmas is just like any other day in Israel. Since most of the population is Jewish or Muslim (neither of which celebrate Christmas), people go to work on Christmas. Of course, there are some Christians in Israel (mainly messianic Jews). They would celebrate Christmas in the same way as other Christians do. Also, there are many Russian-born Jews who celebrate Christmas.

Does Tunisia celebrate Christmas?

Not officially because it is an Arabic nation where the main faith is Islam.

What religious holidays do Italy celebrate?

Christmas! catholicism is one of the main religions in Italy.

How do Portugal people celebrate Christmas?

The country of Portugal do celebrate christmas, because their main religion is Catholicism. They sing Christmas songs like "Happy Christmas", "Silent Night", "White Christmas". The Portuguesse, on Christmas eat boiled cod fish, and they also eat turkey for lunch. The people of Portugal, have a cool tradition, they open their presents on midnight, they also decorate their house with paper ribbons, candles, flowers, and other cool stuff.

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