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iron and fossil fuels

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What is the main resource in France?

the main resources of France are iron and fossil fuels

What are the 2 main natural resources in France?

plants and air

What are the flow resources in France?

The flow resources in France are rivers and lakes.

What is the three main kind of resources?

The three main kind of resources is that RENEWABLE resources and the NONRENEWABLE resources and the HUMAN resources.

What are some natural resources in France?

Some natural resources in France are: Coal, Iron, and Uranium

What are the main resources of Guyana?

the main resources of guyana are gold

Main Industries in France?

The main industries in France are .........

What resources did France want in Africa?

what resources did the french want

What are the main resources in Mexico?

the main resources in Mexico is oil,which they use alot

What are the main resources and industries in Kuwait?

The main resources and industrie of Kuwait is the OIL.

What is the main industry of France?

The main industry of France is tourism.

What are the 2 main resources of new France?

COALIron or iron oresBauxiteUraniumPetroleumNatural gasMineral water

What are the main natural resources in your country?

the main natural resources in Egypt are cotton and aluminum.

What are the mineral resources of France?


What are the Resources for France?

bread coffee

What are the main resources of Oman?

Oil, natural gas and some minerals are the main resources of Oman.

What was the main religion in New France?

The main religion of New France was Catholicism.

Who was involved in the scramble for Africa?

England, France and Holland were the main players in the scramble for Africa. They saw the vast resources and were immediately drawn to claim territory.

What is the main dish of France?

There really is not a "main dish" of France. Instead, there are several main dishes that France is popular for. For example, the soufflé and croissant are both popular dishes from France.

How did resources from French colonies enrich France?

French colonies enriched France by?

Three main physical resources in the Caribbean?

three main physical resources are: bauxite cotton oil

What are the main countries in France?

France is a country.

What is the main attraction in France?

The Eiffel Tower is the main attraction in France, it is located in Paris.

What are California's main resources?

California's main resources include natural gas. Other natural resources in California include but are not limited to water and coal.

What are the main resources of Manitoba?

Manitoba has many mineral resources, petroleum, and business resources.