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What are the main substances in urine?

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Urine consists of Urea, salts and other waste products that do not get reabsorbed into the blood capillaries. It also consists of water.

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What substances do liver produce?

the liver produces glycogen and urea which is the main substance of urine

Is urine a chemical?

No. Urine contains chemical substances.

Substances found in the urine?


WhaT is the difference between filtrate and urine?

The main difference between filtrate and urine is the chemical composition of the two. Filtrate has almost all the substance that blood plasma has except blood proteins while urine only contains waste substances.

What substances are normally found in urine?


What substances not normally found in urine?

hugy y8tyg9p hy and 33ertfg are found in urine

What substances are excreted in normal urine?

excess water and other water soluble substances ......

What is Urea in the blood?

Urea is one of the substances in urine, and urine is in your blood stream until the kidney extract the urine from your blood.

Can you add some thing to your urine to pass a urine test?

The best thing is not to take illegal substances, then your urine will be clear.

What indicates the amount of dissolved substance in the urine?

Specific gravity is the indicator for dissolved substances in the urine.

What substances are carried through the urethra?

In a male, urine and seminal fluid; in a female, only urine.

What substances are carried in the urethra of the male?

Urine and Sperm

What types of substances are separated by distillation method?


Which of the following substances is normally NOT found in urine?


What substances should be present in the dialysis solution?


What substances in urine might indicate a person has diabetes?

Urine is tested for REDUCING SUBSTANCES. Glucose, fructose, etc are reducing substances. This test is non-specific. How ever, there is another test "Osazone test" that can identify the difference. In some people with uncontrolled diabetes, urine is tested for ketone bodies. Presence of ketone bodies in urine indicates that the patient is in trouble.

Does morphine show up in urine?

Well, assuming you mean a urine test for controlled substances, yes.

What two substances in blood plasma are not excreted in urine why not?

Plasma proteins and red blood cells are not excreted in urine because they remain in the blood when it is filtered through the kidneys and into the ureters. They are too big to be filtered. Most other substances present in blood are also present in urine since the kidneys filter out poisonous substances as well as substances that are present in excess such as salt and water.

The concentration of dissolved substances in urine is indicated by its?

Specific gravity

What two substances does urea make up?

Urine and Sweat

What two substances that should not be found in urine?

Proteins and sugars.

Can chlorine change the results of a urine drug test?

Chlorine certainly can change the results of a urine drug test. Chlorine can be a buffer to the substances in the urine.

Will oxyelite pro cause a false positive on a urine test?

No it will not. It doesn't have any of the substances that are looked for in a urine test

Why does urine smell?

Substances in the urine turn to vapor which is picked up by your scent receptors. Certain ones such as ammonia can be disagreeable.

Why do you need to get rid of the urine in the body?

Your body has to get rid of URINE because its contains poisonous substances which can cause problems to your kidney.