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Q: What are the major cities in the great lakes in Canada?
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What major port city is on the west coast of Canada?

Vancouver is the Major Pacific Port. Montreal is the Major Atlantic Port. Hamilton is the Major Great Lakes Port. Toronto has a Major Great Lakes Port. ============================ Halifax and St John's have excellent Atlantic harbours.

From which major great lakes city can you drive south from to get into Canada?


What is the major port on Lake Erie?

Lake Erie is one of the five Great Lakes between the US and Canada. Major U.S. industrial cities along the lake shore are Toledo and Cleveland.

Which major landforms and waterways do the united states and canada share?

The major landforms and waterways that the United States and Canada share are Great Lakes, Rocky Mountains, and St. Lawrence.

What are the major economic activities in the area known as the Great Lakes St. Lawrence provinces?

The two provinces surrounding the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River are the core of Canada's population and economic activity.

What major waterway of Canada connects the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean?

St. Lawrence River

Why aren't there major highways in the northern part of Canada?

Highways link cities - there are no major cities in the northern part of Canada

Near which two Great Lakes were the major battles related to the American invasions of Canada fought?

lake Erie and lake Ontario

What are the major lakes shared by Alberta and saskachewan?

There are two major lakes that are shared by Alberta and Saskatchewan, Canada. Those lakes are Athabasca Lake and Cold Lake.

What is the industries of Canada?

The timber industry is a major industry in Canada. There is also machinery building like John Deere Tractors and other large machinery for building roads. Fishing is also a major industry in Canada near the Great Lakes regions.

Canada's major cities?

Canada has many major cities. These cities include Calgary, Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, Quebec, Halifax, Saskatoon, as well as Ottawa.

How great is the flood risk in The cities of India?

All cities of India are greatly populated, therefore when there are major climate activities there is alot of victims. India is surrounded by lakes, river and of course the ocean. And this causes great risk of floods.