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Organic chemistry
Inorganic chemistry
Physical chemistry
Analytical chemistry
Theoretical chemistry
Materials chemistry
Nuclear chemistry

There are many other related branches of chemistry, but these are the major subdisciplines.

See the Web Links to the left for more information about these disciplines, as well as a list of less important related disciplines of chemistry.

2007-07-26 16:00:22
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What were Marie curie's major fields of study?

Marie curie's major fields of study are Physics chemistry and especially radioactivity.

What was Howard Florey's contributions to his chosen fields of study?

by Chemistry by Chemistry by Chemistry

What is the study of the chemistry of cells?

There are a couple of related fields that are a combination of chemistry and biology which study the chemistry of cells, such as Biochemistry and Chemical BiologyCytochemistry

What are the three major fields in science?

Physics, Chemistry and Biology are three major fields in science.

What fields of study use latin?

Math, Biology, Chemistry, Law

What are the 5 major branches of chemistry and its definition?

The 5 major branches of chemistry are: Organic chemistry - The study of carbon based compounds, Inorganic chemistry - The study of compounds not containing C-H bonds, Analytical chemistry - The study of matter and the tools used to measure it, Physical chemistry - Applies physics to chemistry including thermodynamics and quantum mechanics, Biochemistry - The study of chemistry inside living organisms.

What are the major areas of chemistry and what do these chemists study?

Major areas of chemistry are organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, biochemistry, radiochemistry, geochemistry, clinical chemistry, analytical chemistry, photochemistry, hydrochemistry, etc.

What are the specific fields of biology?

There are a few specific fields of Biology. These fields include genetics, organic chemistry, anatomy, physiology, and Biology as a general study.

Which of the following fields of study is physical science?

physics and chemistry are both physical sciences.

Identify the major fields of science?

Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Earth Science

What are the four major fields of study in earth science?

The four major fields of study in earth science are: 1. astronomy 2. hydrology 3. meteorology 4. geology

What was Jean Paul Sartre's major field of study?

or fields he contributed to

What are the four major fields of study?

hydrology, geology, astronomy, and meteorology.

Why do biologists need to study chemistry and physics?

Physics is not so necessary, but chemistry is the background of biology; genetics, cellular biology and many other fields depend on knowledge of chemistry to be properly explained.

What are two fields of chemistry?

Organic chemistry and Inorganic chemistry

What are the different fields in chemistry?

Different fields in chemistry are: biochemistry, inorganic chemistry, photochemistry, electrochemistry, thermochemistry, mecanochemistry, etc.

What are all the things you can become when you study chemistry?

A chemist. Also doctor,pharmacist,researcher,or any related fields.

What are the different field titles for scientists who study chemistry?

The different fields are: Chemical thermodynamics, chemical kinetics, electrochemistry, statistical mechanics, spectroscopy, astrochemistry, physical chemistry, quantum chemistry and theoretical chemistry. They are all called chemists!

How is chemistry related to other fields of science?

Chemistry is connected to other fields of science through the matter of the study, in the sense that it includes atoms and matter, which make up everything. Chemistry can be looked upon as a basis for all studies of Science, for which it examines the basis of what everything is made up of.

How would understanding the properties of matter be helpful in other fields of study besides chemistry?

By understanding the properties it can help you ALOT in fields other then chemistry because it makes it easy to know what your dealing with so you won't get lost or you mess up

Which are the two major fields of economic study?

The two major fields of economic study are macroeconomics and microeconomics. Macroeconomics deals with the large scale economic factors while microeconomics deals wit single factors of personal decisions.

Where could a person find online information on a chemistry 101 style class?

Information on a Chemistry 101 style class can be found at About Com Chemistry. There is compiled information about what topics are covered, tips for studying and what fields of study use the concepts of Chemistry.

What can the study of chemistry do for us?

chemistry is the study of atomic matter.

Why do you have to be good at mathematics to study physics chemistry and engineering?

Maths is the language of science. Physics is the study of natural motion (speed, mass, relativity, etc), which can be described with maths. Chemistry is the study the nature of matter (molar composition, chemical equations, reactions, etc), which can also be described with a lot of maths. Engineering is more an aggregate of physics, chemistry and other scientific fields, so naturally it uses a lot of maths. Basically, if you want to be a scientist, you can expect to have to learn a *ton* of maths. Calculus, algebra and statistics are the three major fields you'd have to learn to be a competent scientist.

What are four major fields of study in earth questions?

Astronomy, Geology, Oceanography, and Meteorology.