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Nike's typical target market is athletes, but specifically male athletes generally between the ages of 15 - 35.

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Q: What are the market segmentation of Nike?
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Market segmentation of Toyota cars?

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What is market segmentation and how is it done?

Market Segmentation is when a company split customers in a similar characteristics and needs. Companies also aim at a special age, gender, demographics or lifestyle. Such as nike is aimed at women, men and children's and also for sports player.

List 3 market segments for the retail clothing market?

gender segmentation, age segmentation, geographic segmentation..

Advantages and disadvantages of market segmentation?

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How can a company deal with market segmentation?

Market segmentation is important for any company. Segmentation can be done under different ways. Such as Geographically, demographically and

Why is market segmentation importent?

Market Segmentation is important because without it the business will not find the correct target audience

What is the difference between market research and market segmentation?

Market research helps you "identify" your market. Segmentation lets you "segment" your identified market into more refined groups. In short market research is more broad and segmentation is more refined.

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What specific malls uses market segmentation?

The lifestyle center malls and the fashion malls are the type of specific malls that use market segmentation. The outlet center malls also use market segmentation.

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Market segment is a market that has been divided into a channel group already. Segmentation is the process of identifying those market traits and dividing that market into a segment.

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