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Q: What are the materials that electrial current cannot pass through?
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What are materials that electrical current cannot pass through?


Why current cannot pass through a insulator?

Insulators are made of non conductive materials and that is the point. Insulators are used to prevent electrical current from leaving the circuit being utilized.

What are materials that electrical current cannot pass though?


What solid cannot be seen?

There are types of aluminum and carbon crystals that can be seen through. Then there is meta-materials, like invisibility cloaks, but they are beyond our current technology.

What cannot pass through Opaque materials?


Are materials that electrical current cannot pass through?

Any material that electricity can't pass through is classed as an insulator. Examples of insulators are glass, ceramics, plastic, dry wood, and so on.

What materials ar opaque?

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Materials that electricity cannot flow through?

Note that "electricity" doesn't flow, only current does, which is one aspect of electricity, does. Current is the flow of electrons. The main materials that do not allow the easy flow of electrons are rubber, nylon wood, glass, ceramic, plastic and free air.

Can air pass through oil layer?

The current cannot pass through the oils.Oils are moleculer so molecules cannot conduct electric current

Materials through which electrons cannot move easily?


Is it true the alternating current can pass through a capacitor while the direct current cannot pass through?


What is the difference between opaque and transparent material?

Such materials through which you can see are called transparent materials. As for example-glass. Such materials through which you cannot see are called opaque materials. As for example- wood