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prevent overgrazing....

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Measures taken to prevent land degradation?

Erosion, deforestation, and waterlogging are all accelerated by human actions and all lead to general land degradation. Conservation efforts to prevent land degradation include gardening, fertilizing, planting trees, and constructing wind breakers.

What are the measures taken to control the land degradation in different regions of India?

dont know :P

What causes land degradation?

Land Pollutants and Soil Erosion these are the main cause of land degradation.

What is a macro-scale climate control?

The macro scale climate control refers to various measures that are put in a large scale to control the climate. The measures might be to conserve the climate and prevent it from further degradation.

Which is the main cause of land degradation in Punjab?

the main causes for the land degradation in the punjab is theintensive cultivation.

How do you prevent water degradation?

steps to prevent water degradation are : try to use groundwater use sprinkle irrigation prevet oil spills

What causes the problem of land degradation in Punjab?

ans. over irrigation is the main causes for land degradation in the punjab

How can we humans prevent or reduce land degradation?

can someone please answer this question? it is very urgent! Answers: STOP CUTTING DOWN TREES! Then the roots will keep holding the land together!

Why does land degradation happen?

There are various ways that land degradation could happen. For example, coastal erosion can have a dramatic effect on the land over time.

Why is land degradation is not a good indication for the future?

land degradation causes soil errosion which further lead to drought and desertification.

What are the causes of land degradation?


Pictures on the effects of land degradation?

Go to google images and type 'effects of land degradation' or just 'land degradation' and you should get what you want. You can also type in things like removal of topsoil & mudslides because they come under soil erosion and soil erosion. Soil erosion is a factor of land degradation. This website has effects of land degradation. You can also type a few of those effects in google images.

What is the solution to land degradation?

If we had found an effective solution, land degradation wouldn't be a problem. More information:

Definition of land degradation?

Land degradation is a process in which the value of the bio physical environment is affected by one or more combination of human-induced processes acting upon the land.

Is land degradation hazardous?

Yes, it is hazardous.

How do you control land degradation?

By planting trees

How does drought cause land degradation?

there is no vegatation.

What is the difference between land degradation and soil erosion?

Land degradation is the land that is being degraded in some form that is negative. Soil erosion is when rock and soil is removed from one location of land to another.

What are the steps to prevent environmental degradation?

There are a number of steps to prevent environmental degradation. This should start with avoiding any form of pollution to the environment and adopting green living so as to conserve the environment.

Is global warming land degradation?

No, they are separate things.

What has the author Peter Kinlund written?

Peter Kinlund has written: 'Does land degradation matter?' -- subject(s): Political ecology, Environmental conditions, Land degradation, Human ecology

A man who measures and maps land?

A person who measures land is a surveyor; a person who maps land is a cartographer.

What does the word desertification mean?

Desertification is the degradation of land in drylands.

What is the process of land degradation?

The process by which land is damaged to the point where it can no longer support the local ecosystem.

Where does land degradation occur?

Land degradation occurs in areas with high levels of deforestation, soil erosion, overgrazing, salinization, and desertification. These can all result from man made issues and natural causes.