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What are the merits of television?

The merits of tv are that it provides images from around the word (such as news, or events such as the Olympics), helping us know more about the world. It also provides entertainment in the form of innumerable shows and movies.

What are the merits of horses?

What are the merits of horses? It would be a lot easier to say "What aren't the merits of horses?" Here are some merits of horses as a mode of transport: -No Co2 -Exercise -Fun Horses are a godsend! Here are some merits of horses: -Exercise -Fun -Beautiful animals -Extremely intellig ( Full Answer )

Merits of computer?

computer is the most useful machine made by man's mind. it just knows 0 and 1 . but it can calcuate faster than maximum men . it can store a lot of information than any one can . now in the present world there is no office without computer. internet is another tool to computer which acts like web ( Full Answer )

What is merit pay?

A system that provides bonuses for workers who perform their job effectively, according to what is assumed to be (but not proven as) measurable criteria.

What are the merits of elections?

Elections take place regularly in any democracy. There are more than one hundred countries in the world in which elections take place to choose people's representatives. Elections are held in many countries that are not democratic. But why do we need elections? Let us try to imagine a democrac ( Full Answer )

What are the merits of liberalisation?

There are multiple positives from liberalization of government andmarkets. Liberalization can involve social welfare policies anddivestiture of the state from enterprises and commerce.

Merits of centralization?

In centralized organizations managers are in the know. They areaware of things that are going on in the organization because theyare a part of the decision process.

What is the merits?

In the legal sense, the term "merits" refers to a judgement made bythe judge based on the facts presented. The judgement is largelybased on the evidence presented and not the case presented by theattorneys.

What are the merits of computers?

1) Processing speed is very fast. 2) Easy documentation. 3) If connected to a network can communicate with other systems thus makes exchange of information very easy.

What are the merits of communication?

Proper communication mostly leads to understanding. Some peopleusually defer and encounter conflict simply because they are notcommunicating as well as they should.

What is a Merit Scholar?

A scholar is . A student ; one who studies at school or college . . A specialist in a particular branch of knowledge . . A learned person. . One who educates themself for their whole life.

Merits of the organization?

2. CORPORATION Advantages *limited liability, provided -- i) sufficient equity ii) observe corporate formalities *100% deduction for health insurance *exclude 50% of gain on sale of stock (if original issue and held five years) unavailable for business in which the principal asset is t ( Full Answer )

Merits of socialism?

Merits of Leninism . The merits of Leninism are theoretical; the idea is that people will excel because of their desire to make the community as a whole better without any specific benefit to themselves other than the "better community".. There is some merits of Leninism is highlighted_. Lenini ( Full Answer )

Merits of Advertising?

With the help of effect marketing you and your business in many ways. Effective marketing should target the right people, place and should be run at right time. 1. Effective marketing can help you to create brand image. 2. One can capture a huge market share. 3. Can Increase profit . 4. Can hel ( Full Answer )

What are the merites of computer?

1) Processing speed is very fast. 2) Easy documentation. 3) If connected to a network can communicate with other systems thus makes exchange of information very easy.

Merits of advertisement?

Some of the benefits of advertising include new leads anddependable customer feedback. Advertising can drive new sales andgive the public a better impression of a product.

Does Ginseng have merit?

Changbai Mountain selling ginseng seeds station. You recommend a good project rich understory planting wild ginseng Cultivation of wild ginseng in the forest low cost, high economic efficiency, the current consensus that the industry as the "Forest Bank", and broad prospects for development. Ginsen ( Full Answer )

What are the Merits of coeducation?

It is not possible for poor countries to build separate colleges for both sexes as it requires a lot of capital.A lot of money is required to build libraries,labortaries and the whole building of a college or university. In second place people claims that when both sexes will study in same class r ( Full Answer )

Merits and demerits?

A merit is a quality of being good. Demerit is a word used todescribe a feature or fact about something.

What is the merites of Dictatorship?

\nThe government can move more quickly and decisively than a government in which many voices are heard before taking action.

Merits of monarchy?

There are quite a few merits of having a monarchy including havingcentralized order. A monarchy also limits the amount of hate andarguing over an election process.

Merits of globalisation?

There are various merits attached to globalization. For example,there is the fact that it has made research and development aglobal endeavor.

Merits of sampling?

There are several merits of using sampling as a methodology ofresearch. Some of them include saving on time and labor, itsignificantly reduces the cost of the operation and so much more.

What are merit goods?

merit goods are those which society thinks that every one should have, like basic education and health care.

What are merits of computer?

1) Processing speed is very fast. 2) Easy documentation. 3) If connected to a network can communicate with other systems thus makes exchange of information very easy.

What is a merit roll?

The merit roll is lower than the honor roll. Where as the honor roll is for having a GPA (grade point average) of 3.5 or higher, the merit roll is having a GPA of 3.0 thru 3.49. . Honor Roll: 3.5+ . Merit Roll: 3-3.49 ( 3>=s>3.5 ) .

Merits and demerits of high population in India?

Merits: High population can also be helpful. We can take it in a positive way. More population means more people to think or precisely more minds to think which will lead to faster technological advancements in the country. Also, Malthus (an economist ) in 1800's said that food supply was much les ( Full Answer )

What are the merits of a passport?

I would say: It is one of the most valid forms of identification Needed for travel in and out of the country Proof of citizenship Renewable for years

What are the merits of budgeting?

Budgeting allows management to take a longer view of the companyrather than focus solely on day to day activities. The benefits forbudgeting are as follows: profitability review, performanceevaluations, funding planning, and assumptions review.

How do you get merits on Toontown?

To earn merits you must have your sellbot suit and defeat sellbot cogs in battles. Easiest way to earn merits is factory. Try to do factories with invasion because it will give 776 merits and normally is 388 merits. Getting double merits is a good way to get ready for vp faster plus when yoy got to ( Full Answer )

What are merits?

Merits are needed to be able to VP on ToonTown. EX: I am Hollywood level 39, I will need 5,550 merits from factories in Sellbot Hq, from sellbot buildings anywhere, ( I would prefor the factory more often with an invasion, you get more merits.)Merits are also awards you win in Scribblenauts.

What are the merits and de-merits of advertisememnt?

Merits of advertisments are- If you advertise your business or products it helps you gain more cosumers or clients. It as a result of this your business keeps on moving. Hope i have been abld to give an answer. This is all i know about the merit of advertisment.

What are the MERITS of plastics?

Plastics cost was very less . Plastic bags and plastic boxes are use for many useful for many things.

Merits and demerits of high population growth in Africa?

The growing population has increased the work force due to moreyoung people in the population. Family attachment is high. Peopleare able to cultivate their own crops within their family on asmall scale. However some demerits are: Infant mortality andwidespread AID have increased the death rate due t ( Full Answer )

What is a merit brief?

A "brief" is a paper filed with the court for the court's use (usually in a case under consideration). Accordingly - the following of definition of legal "merit" will be self-explanatory. "Merit is a term subject to various meanings, but in the legal context, merit refers to a claim which has a val ( Full Answer )

What are merits of globalization?

Today is the era of Globalization. There are number of positive effects of globalization, some of which I am sharing here; 1. Resulted in high competition 2. Employment opportunities 3. Investment & capital flow 4. Foreign trade 5. Spread of culture 6. Spread of education 7. No barriers now. etc.

What is demerits and merits?

Sometimes some organization wishes to be able to give a numerical value to the state of a person's character or behavior, and produces a list of good actions which receive merit points, and bad actions which receive demerit points, then you can add them up and see how someone is doing. If you wash ( Full Answer )

What is the merit of an MBA?

The following was written by Wharton College Pennsylvania. This should help. Why an MBA The MBA is not an end in itself, but a means to an end. It is a degree designed to give you the ability to develop your career to its fullest potential, at an accelerated pace. What will you get out of an MB ( Full Answer )

What is the merit principle?

The idea that hiring should be based on entrance exams and promotion ratings to create an administration by people with talent and skill.

What are the merits of ihsan?

Ihsan is an Arabic word that means doing in any ritual worship more than what commanded to do. For example, in Salat you don't stop at the 5 prayings a day but you do more prayings that are called "nowafel". Also, in Alms giving, you don't limit yourself to the zakat limits but you contribute more a ( Full Answer )

What are scribblenauts merits?

Merits are the Badges in the game. They really don't serve any purpose(like if you collect them all, you'll unlock a character or something. That's not true in this game, but there is some other ways you can unlock characters) unless you want to get everything you can possibly get in the game.

WHAT ARE merits in toontown?

Merits are used for Sellbot Cog Disguises. When you get your Sellbot Cog Suit, you need merits to visit and fight the VP. Each time you are finished, you must get x amount of merits in order to see him again.

What is merit aid?

Merit aid is given due to educational achievement regardless of family income or assets. In contrast, need-based aid is given based on income or assets.

What Is the principle of merit?

something that deserves or justifies a reward or commendation. Inlegal terms, the inherent rights and wrongs of the matter

What merits and demerits?

MERITS 1. Conflicts can produce better understanding of both issues and people. 2. Conflicts can produce better decisions. 3. Conflicts can produce greater cohesiveness among members in a group. 4. Conflicts can stimulate involvement and increase motivation. DEMERITS 1. Conflicts can ca ( Full Answer )

What is merit goods?

Merits goods are the goods that a state or government must providefor its citizens to satisfy their basic necessities.

What are the merits of globe?

It easy to see the shape of the earth, we can see the shape of theall continents calculate the time and locate places.