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Q: What are the methods of applying lubricants on a machine?
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Which grease is used in lathe machine?

Industrial lubricants.

What are some common uses for lubricants?

Lubricants are solely used for reducing friction between two moving parts of a machine.

Can we reduce friction if possible suggest some methods?

That's what lubricants are for.

How do lubricants help to improve a machine's efficieny?

Lubricants help to improve the efficiency of a machine by allowing for a lessening of friction between moving parts. This causes those parts to remain cooler and have less wear and tear in the long run.

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What products are classified as industrial lubricants?

Industrial lubricants range from machine oils to steam-turbine oils.

How does between machine parts reduce friction?

some use magnets others use lubricants such as oil and grease

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How do lubricants help to reduce friciton?

The molecules of lubricants can slide over each other due to the weak attractions between them and hence they allow the machine parts to slide over each other smoothly reducing friction and damage.

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