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there is no requirement

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1) A complete application form. There is NO FEE for filing an on-line or standard paper application. The application is obtained by writing, calling the Aquinas Admissions Office or by filing our on-line application for admission. Applications are also available in high school guidance offices and counseling centers at community colleges. You can also download and print the application for admission. 2) An official high school transcript. 3) The results of the ACT or SAT.

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Q: What are the minimum education requirements to be admitted into a college?
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Why does a college need accreditation?

Accreditation is the process of ensuring that a college meets the minimum requirements for providing a quality education. If a college is not accredited, the diplomas it gives will be meaningless and not recognized by other schools or employers.

What is the minimum requirements to enroll in College?

You can be 2, if you're smart enough. :) That means there's no minimum.

What is the minimum qualification to learn MBA in Distance Education?

Each college or university will have requirements particular to itself. You need to identify specific colleges and universities, and then you can obtain the information you are looking for.

How many years of traning to be a state patrol?

In addition to the basic requirements of a high school education - and in some states, college - the academy training is usually a minimum of 6 months to a year - depending on the state.

What are the minimum educational requirements to enroll in a detective school in Milwaukee, WI ?

minimum educational requirements to enroll in a detective school in Milwaukee, WI high school diploma to a college degree or higher

What is the minimum education required for roofing?

There is no educational requirements for a roofer. Most all receive on-the-job-training.

What is the minimum age required to get hired as a child psychologist?

Minimum eligibility requirements: Must be 21 years of age or older; Must have completed some college

Can i teach community college after i earn my master's in education degree?

Yes, the minimum educational requirement to teach at a college or university is a master's degree.

What minimum qualification does one need to be admitted into the university?

The minimum qualification one needs to be admitted into a university depends on the university one is applying to.

What are the minimum requirements needed to enter everest institute?

"There are not any minimum requirements. Once you locate a college near you, one of the steps you must take is an assesement fo your skills so that you can decide if the diploma you are interested in is suited to your skills,"

What education requirements are needed to become a clinical social worker?

Clinical social workers offer require a Bachelor's Degree at a minimum in a subject area such as psychology or sociology. There are also specialized college programs for this area of study which are also sufficient.

What do you do before letting someone else operate your boat?

Make sure the person meets the minimum age and boater education requirements.