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I have a Springfield model 187S .22 LR (semi-Auto, tube feed).

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โˆ™ 2005-11-28 00:42:40
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Q: What are the model numbers for springfield 22 cal auto rifles?
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How old is a J Stevens Arms Company Springfield 22 cal rifle model 87?

The Springfield name was used from 1920 to 1948 but I can't find a listing for a model 87. there are 2 Springfield 87A .22 rifles currently !!/2/05)listed on Auction Arms one is id ed as a Springfield Stevens and the other as a Springfield 87A i own a Wards Western Field model 87 tube fed semi auto .22 that appears to be identical to these two rifles i know it to be at over 50 years old. I also have one and it is dated to 1968

Are m14 rifles still made?

Springfield Armory still produces M14 clone rifles. They are in semi (full auto is inacurate anyways) and are called M1A1's.

Who made model 460 shotguns for western auto?

It is the same as a springfield 511 of Springfield, Savage & Stevens

What is the price springfield-westfield model 187s semi-auto 22long?


Who made the savage arms springfield model 187k IT IS A 22 RIMFIRE 22 SEMI AUTO RIFLE.?

Springfield out of Westfield, Mass.

Can you deer hunt with springfield M1a rifle in California?

Depends on your state. Some states allow hunting with semi auto rifles, and some don't.

What services does Springfield Auto offer?

Springfield Auto is the main repair place in the small town of Springfield. Springfield Auto handles all care repairs, ranging from a popped tire to an engine failure.

What is the contact number for Springfield Auto Insurance?

One can find the contact number for Springfield Auto Insurance on their official website. Springfield Auto Insurance is considered to be one of the most popular options in Springfield Missouri.

How old is revelation model 107?

Made by Mossberg, and labeled with the Western Auto Revelation brand, your rifle is a Model 640K. If it has no serial number, it was made between 1959 and 1967. Rifles made in 1968 and later were required to have serial numbers. The model went out of production in 1985.

Are crossed AUTOMATIC rifles a symbol of the US Infantry or Marine Corps - I've seen the old style bolt rifles crossed but not auto ones?

The Springfield 1903 rifle is a classic US firearm, and the military keeps them as a symbol of infantry in general. They don't use M-16s or anything like that. If you look closely, you will notice that the U.S. Infantry emblem is a pair of crossed MUSKETS, not auto-rifles, definitely NOT M-16's. I hope this corrects the mistake made above this boutthe 1903 Springfield.

Who manufacture the revelation 22 caliber rifles model R100B?

The Revelation 22 Model R100B caliber rifle was manufactured by Mossberg. The company Western Auto Supply is known to sell both these rifles as well as the cartridges for the rifle.

How do you find model number on your Remington semi-auto shotgun?

Remington Model numbers are normally on the left face of the receiver. Early shotguns and rifles did not have a model on them at all. Like for example the early Model 11 shotguns which I suspect you have if it doesn't have a model. probably pre-20's need serial to know.

What is the value of a western auto revelation model 120 no serial number on it?

If your model 120 is a semi auto 22 rifle, it is a Marlin 99, made for Western Auto under their brand. Depending on condition, $100-$125. Serial numbers wre not required on rifles and shotguns until 1968. MANY guns made before that date never had a SN, and yes, it is legal. REMOVING a serial number is NOT.

What is the value of a Springfield 22 Semi-Auto Rifle Model 187 T-S?

Bonjour combienvaudrait ma Springfield model850 semi-auto ? Merci de me répondre... mon courriel est

When was the revalation 22 long rifle made by western auto supply?

Western Auto sold several 22 long rifles. I need the model number to help identify it.

How old is a springfield 7450 semi auto shotgun?

I donโ€™t have a 100% answer but I have my Late Brotherโ€˜ s Springfield. I know he had it since around 1970 or so. It was new at that time.

Why is there no serial numbers on the model 989 22 semi auto?

That rifle was manufactured prior to 1968 when the Gun Control Act was passed. Prior to then, small caliber rifles were not required to have a serial number and mass produced ones often did not.

Why does an A-5 semi auto 12 gauge shotgun clone have Springfield marked receiver if Springfield denies making it did Springfield make them anticipating patent rights from Browning but failing?

Springfield was a trade name used by Stevens/Savage c. 1920-1945. No relationship to the current Springfield Inc or the US Springfield Armory. What you have is a Savage Model 720 built under license from FN (Browning) They where also made by Remington with the Model 11 designation.

Are semi auto rifles legal to carry on private property in PA?

Yes, but centerfire semi auto rifles are not legal for HUNTING in PA.

What is value of revalation model 3030?

Western Auto did have 30-30 rifles made under their Revelation brand name, but none were Model 3030. If you can repost with the Model number, we may be able to get you a good answer. Sorry-

What is the value of a Revelation rifle made by western auto supply?

It would help if you gave the model, cal, and condition of the rifle. Western Auto Revelation had hunderds of rifles for sale.

Did mossberg make revelation model 335?

Sorry- there was than one model 335. One by Marlin, one by Springfield. A 3rd by Mossberg is not impossible- they did make many of the Western Auto guns.

What is the model and year of a springfield 30-06 with serial numbers 3711770?

There is no way of answering your question,unless you provide the maker of your rifle,the model number or name,what type of action(bolt action,lever action,semi-auto)of your rifle etc.If you include this with the serial number your question should be able to be answered.

What type of browning 30-06 belgium made rifles serial numbers end in m9?

This would be a Browning BAR semi-auto rifle

What year did wester auto stop making rifles?

Western Auto never made rifles- or shotguns. A number of gun makers- notably Savage, Springfield, Mossberg, Marlin and Winchester made what were known as "Hardware" guns. Rather than being marked as a Savage or Marlin, they were marked with Western Auto's brand- Revelation. Western Auto quit carrying firearms in the late 60s/ early 70's if I recall correctly, after the 1968 Gun Control Act went into force.