What are the moshling combinations for non members?

Non-members or Basic Members can get any moshling except the ones which require a Snap Apple or a Crazy Daisy.

Common moshlings

001 Fuzzy the Furi [Moshi] Any 3 Hot Silly Peppers

002 Chop Chop the Cheeky Chimp [Ninja] Any three Dragon Fruits

003 Gingersnap the Whinger Cat [Kitty] Any Magic Beans, any Love Berries, any Hot Silly Pepper

007 Fifi the Oochie Poochie [Puppy] Any Hot Silly Pepper, any Magic Beans, any Dragon Fruit

008 Squidge the Furry Heebee [Spookie] Any Star Blossom, any Hot Silly Pepper, any Dragon Fruit

010 Snookums the Baby Tumteedum [Dino] Any 3 Star Blossoms

013 DJ Quack the Yellow Duck [Birdie] Any Dragon Fruit, any Moon Orchid, any Star Blossom

018 Stanley the Songful Seahorse [Fishie] any 2 Love Berries and any Dragon Fruit

020 Purdy the Pink Fluffy Kitty [Kitty] Any Dragon Fruit, any Moon Orchid, any Dragon Fruit

024 Angel the Sky Pony [Pony] any Magic Beans, any Hot Silly Pepper, any Hot Silly Pepper

Uncommon moshling

027 Kissy the Baby Ghost [Spookie] any Star Blossom, any Magic Beans, Purple Star Blossom

030 Lady Meowford the Pretty Kitty [Kitty] Blue Moon Orchid, any Moon Orchid, any Star Blossom

034 Dipsy the Dinky Dreamcloud [Fluffie] Any Moon Orchid , Yellow Moon Orchid, Any Love Berries

039 Shelby the Slapstick Tortoise [Ninja] Black Dragon Fruit, any Dragon Fruit, any Magic Beans

040 Doris the Rummaging Plotamus [Dino] any Moon Orchid, any Moon Orchid, Black Moon Orchid

043 Blurp the Batty Bubble Fish [Fishie] any Moon Orchid, Pink Love Berries, any Love Berries

047 Sooki-Yaki the Caped Assassin [Ninja] Red Magic Beans, any Magic Beans, any Hot Silly Pepper

Rare moshling

050 Pooky the Playful Potty Pipsqueak [Dino] any Moon Orchid, any Magic Beans, Purple Magic Beans

053 Fumble the Acrobatic SeaStar [Fishie] any Star Blossom, Yellow Magic Beans, Yellow Love Berries

054 Flumpy the Pluff [Fluffie] any Star blossom, Red Magic Beans, Black Moon Orchid

056 Mr. Snoodle the Silly Snuffler [Pony] any Hot Silly Pepper , Purple Hot Silly Pepper, Yellow Dragon Fruit

059 Hansel the Psycho Gingerboy [Foodie] any Dragon Fruit, Black Magic Bean, Black Moon Orchid

060 Ecto the Fancy Banshee [Spookie] Red Love Berries, Black Love Berries, any Hot Silly Pepper

061 Liberty the Happy Statue [Worldie] Black Love Berries, Red Love Berries, any Love Berries

065 Tiki the Pilfering Toucan [Birdie] any Star Blossom, Pink Love Berries, Red Love Berries

071 Peppy the Stunt Penguin [Birdie] any Moon Orchid, Red Moon Orchid, Yellow Magic Bean

072 Cali the Valley Mermaid [Fishie] Blue Love Berries, any Magic Bean, Yellow Love Berries

074 Prof. Purplex the Owl of Wiseness [Birdie] any Dragon Fruit, Pink Love Berries, Yellow Moon Orchid

Ultra rare moshlings

077 Waldo the Tabby Nerdicat [Kitty] Pink Love Berries, any Dragon Fruit, Red Star Blossom

079 Gigi the Magic Mule [Pony] Blue Hot Silly Pepper, Red Moon Orchid, Yellow Hot Silly Pepper

082 General Fuzuki the Warrior Wombat [Ninja] Yellow Love Berries, Purple Star Blossom, Red Hot Silly Pepper

083 Gurgle the Performing Flappasarus [Dino] Red Dragon Fruit, Yellow Magic Beans, Purple Love Berries

088 Oddie the Sweet Ringy Thingy [Foodie] Yellow Star Blossom, Black Star Blossom, Purple Star Blossom

089 Big Bad Bill the Wooly Blue Hoodoo [Spookie] Yellow Love Berries, Black Star Blossom, Blue Star Blossom