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.20 grams

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Q: What are the most accurate BBS or ammo for a walther p99 spring airsoft pistol?
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Is airsoft atlanta reliable for airsoft guns you want to buy a walther P99 Spring Pistol kit?

Yes, they area a reputable dealer.

Does the UHC 1911 Spring Airsoft pistol have a lot of recoil and weight?

If it is a spring pistol it won't have any recoil. According to the specifications, the UHC 1911 Spring Airsoft pistol has an unloaded weight of 1.25 pounds.

Will Crosman 6mm biodegradable airsoft bbs 0.20g 5 000 rds py-p-827 work with a spring airsoft pistol that is not Crosman like a walther p99?

any bbs will work in any gun i prefer .20 gram crossman whites

Should you lubricate a spring airsoft pistol?

Yes, any airsoft weapon should be lubricated properly.

Quality airsoft spring pistol?

My favorite airsoft spring pistol is CYBERGUN S&W M&P HPA, due to its quality construction and wonderful performance. There are many other quality airsoft spring rifles and pistols available online at affordable price. I recommend for quality airsoft guns and accessories.

Spring removal from an Airsoft Pistol?

take apart the whole gun

Should you get an airsoft spring pistol or a gas pistol as a side arm?

Definitely a gas pistol, You don't have to cock it between each shot

Is 20.00 a good price for a spring air soft pistol?

most spring airsoft pistols cost about that... but if it's a used pistol than it should be about 10

What is the fastest spring-loaded airsoft pistol?

A spring gun? It depends on how fast you can cock the gun. There is not a fastest gun.

Do airsoft gas pistols have a good range?

Varies by the pistol. Normaly better than spring.

How long does it take for an airsoft spring pistol to wear out?

8427 shots, without dry firing

Do the spare mag two pack spring Taurus PT-92 spare magazines work with the Taurus 247 HPA Spring Powered Airsoft Pistol or are there others that work with the Taurus 247 HPA Spring Airsoft pistol?

ye, i have the Taurus 247 and the PT-92 mags work a treat.