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Q: What are the most common initials for monograms?
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What would a rich person get there initials?

Monograms appear on luggage also clothing for men.

What are the most common initials in the US?


What is the most common initials?

n or j

If you are a junior ie John A Doe Jr what are your initials?

Your initials would be JAD. Or to use the style often used on monograms, JDA with the D larger. The junior is only important to distinguish you from your father.

What does the initials IPSC stand for?

The initials IPSC stand for Information Processing Standards for Computers. This is the most common thing that it stands for. It can also stand for International Practical Shooting Confederation, however this is a less common use for the initials IPSC.

Why are the initials D L on a 1961 Lincoln penny?

Those aren't standard initials on any Lincoln Memorial cent, so they were almost certainly added later by someone with a metal punch. The only initials should be the designers' monograms - VDB on the front, for Victor David Brenner, and FG on the back, for Frank Gasparro.

How do I make monogrammed shoes?

You can go to a store that sells sewing stuff and purchase iron-on monograms or initials. They look like they were emboidered onto whatever you put them on. They probably cost 95¢ each.

What do the initials GWW commonly stand for?

The initials GWW commonly stand for Get Well Wishes. Another common use for the initials GWW stands for Guaranteed Work Week, which applies to most jobs in America.

What do the initials TSN stand for?

TSN can stand for anything but the most common meaning is Total Sports Network.

Is carol major monograms son?

No he is not

What do all initial necklaces have in common?

All that the initial necklaces have in common is that they have the initials of those who decide to wear them. People can have any initials on the necklaces.

Where are monograms used?

Monograms are used on a number of different items. These include t-shirts, lunch bags, and school bags or backpacks.