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Q: What are the most common ways to be infected by a computer virus?
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Is a computer virus considered a security risk?

Yes, most of the computer virus have security threat to the infected computer. If your computer has been infected with virus, you should remove it quickly.

Sources of a computer virus?

Almost any activity on the Internet can cause your computer to be infected by a virus. The most common are emails, social media (such as forums, Facebook, etc), pictures, and downloads.

What type of computer virus is most common?

The Macro virus is the most common type of computer virus. The ILOVEYOU virus is one example of this type of virus which hides in a document or spreadsheet.

What is the most common way to get a virus?

contact with an already infected person/animal.

How does your computer acquire a Trojan virus?

Most likely downloading and executing an infected file.

How computer antiviruses are useful?

Anti virus software is useful, because it protects your computer from getting infected by a computer virus. Moreover, most software will reduce the damage a virus can do to your computer. Mind you, the protection is not 100 %. New viruses come out every minute, so your computer may still be infected before the anti virus software recognizes the virus and is able to remove it.

What is the most common way for a computer to get a virus?


What is the most common feature of a computer virus?

Misleading text.

What is the most common cause of computer viruses?

pop-ups, infected websites.

Can your computer become infected wirh a virus via email?

Yes it's one of the most common ways-don't open links on anything suspicious or scan prior to opening

What is the first step you take when your computer is infected by a virus?

backup your most important files, and then wipe the hard-drive clean.

What is the most common way a computer virus is spread?

downloads or e-mails

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