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full and center

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Q: What are the most commonly used alignments in Microsoft word?
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What are the paragraph alignments used in Microsoft Word?


Which of the Microsoft products is most commonly used to create spreadsheets?

Microsoft Excel.

What is the most commonly used spreadsheet?

Microsoft Excel.

Left-aligned and justified are two most commonly used text alignments in documents?

Yes, they are very commonly used. Centred text is common too, but the least used would be the right alignment.

What is the name of the Microsoft program most commonly used to create documents?

Microsoft Word

What is the most commonly used spreadsheet in the U. S.?

Microsoft Excel.

What are the two commonly used alignments?

Left aligned and justified are commonly used, with centre alignment quite common, and right justified being the least used.

What is the most accurate software in database?

A commonly used program for creating databases is Microsoft Access.

What is merge in Microsoft Word?

The mearge app is most commonly used when working with graphs, charts, or tables. it combinds to seperat parts of the graph in to one.

Where are similes most commonly used?

They are most commonly used in descriptive writing

What are the 12 most commonly used interjections?

The 12 most commonly used Interjections:yesohyeahnoheyhihellohmmahwowouchhurray

When are interjections most commonly used?

They are most commonly used in direct address, or quotations.