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The Caloris Basin. The diameter of it is approximately 1300km.

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Q: What are the most distinctive features of the planet Mercury?
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What are the longest features found on mercury?

The most distinctive and longest feature on the planet Mercury is the Caloris Basin. It is multi ringed and covers about 840 miles in diameter.

Which planet most resembles the Moon in visible surface features and atmosphere?

Mercury is the planet that most resembles the Moon in visible surface features and atmosphere. It is a grey planet that has many craters and a thin atmosphere.

What is the most abundent element on the planet mercury?

Mercury is the most iron-rich planet in the solar system.

What is Venus' distinctive features?

venus is covered with poisinous acid, in a yellowish cloud, and so no human would be able to get anywhere near it. that's probably it's most distinctive feature, but the fact that it is the brightest planet(and most beautiful) stands out too.

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What is the inner most planet?


What is the planet with distinctive rings?

Saturn has, by far, the most impressive rings.

What is the most cratered planet?

Mercury is the most cratered planet in the solar system.

Which is the most famous crater on the planet Mercury?

The most famous crater on planet mercury is caloris basin with a diameter of 1550 km

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Why is mercury the most cratered planet?

Because Mercury lack of atmosphere

What planet's interior is most like the one on Uranus?


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