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Probably the energy producing mitochondria.


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All of the Organelles that are numerous and developed in the cell of course

the center of an animal or plant cell. That is nucleus

It is a eukaryotic cell (it has a prominent nucleus and numerous membrane-bound organelles).

the most organelles found in a cell are nucleus, they are found in all cells.

The cell itself is what houses the organelles, but there is nothing inside the cell that holds them in. Cytoplasm is what they float in, if you were asking for that.

A cell containing organelles surrounded by membranes that is found in most living plants and animals is a eukaryotic cell.

Most prokaryotes do not have organelles, as in bacteria and other single celled organisms. Eukaryotes such as plants and animals have organelles.

The organelles of a cell are like your organs. Your organs are in your body and organelles (little organs) are in a cell.

Ribosomes, if you want to count them. Next I think is the lysosomes.

The Plant Cell Has More. The Plant Cell Has 10 Organelles And The Animal Cell Has 7 Organelles.

There are many organelles in a eukaryotic cell, these are the organelles in an animal cell.

The contents of a cell other than the nucleus; cytoplasm consists of a fluid containing numerous structures, known as organelles, that carry out essential cell functions.

Various components of a cell are called cell organelles. Various living activities are performed with the help of these organelles.

write down the functions of cell organelles

what are the 14 organelles that are in the animal cell

No, the organelles are within the cell membrane (in the cytoplasm).

An animal cell organelles are organelles that are found in the human body or in the animal body

Without membrane bound organelles. These cells do have organelles.A prokaryote cell.

The cell organelles are suspended in the cytosol; a jellylike fluid inside the cell in which the organelles are suspended.

A cells' cytoplasm is for it to contain all the organelles in the cell. Most cell activities occur here.

Lymphocytes are the second most numerous blood cell.

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