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Tour GAT shaft, and YS-6 shaft are the two most popular.

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What are the Most popular irons on the PGA tour?

What is the most popular irons used on the PGA tour ANSWER: I think it's the Taylormade R1 and Callaway drivers..

What is the most popular irons used on the PGA tour?


What is the most popular tire used in tour?

Depends on the model of the racecar

What are the most used clubs on the PGA tour?

Taylormade is the most popular club manufacturer on the PGA Tour, closely followed by Titleist.

What cell phone is the most used?

From a poll, the RIM BlackBerry Tour (9630) was the most popular.

What is the most common shaft flex on the Champions Tour?

Believe it or not the most used shaft would probably be stiff and some of the younger ones would even use x-flex. There would be very few who would use senior flex shafts.

In golf club irons is there a difference between graphite shafts and steel shafts and which is better?

For irons, steel shafts are better- unless you struggle to get the ball off the ground, in which case you should use graphite. Steel shafts are used for irons because graphite shafts are quite expensive and iron heads are relatively heavy- steel shafts are also heavy and even out the swing weight. Graphite is used for woods and hybrids because their heads are light and you can get the most distance from them.

Can rescue clubs be used in PGA tour?

Yes, and they are very popular. You will rarely find a PGA Tour pro who doesn't use one. On the Champion's Tour and LPGA/LET Tour they are extremely popular, with players having at least one, but some players carry as many as 3.

How many PGA Tour players use irons with graphite shafts?

I would literally go out on a limb here and say zero. I haven't seen a PGA Tour player using graphite shafted irons in about 5 years. KJ used to use graphite shafts in his irons around 7 years ago and they were an orangey pink colour, he is the last one I can remember.

What is a better shaft for golf clubs graphite or steel?

It depends. Generally steel shafts are used for irons and wedges whereas graphite shafts are used for woods and hybrids. If you have a slow swing speed or struggle to get the ball in the air, graphite shafts are ideal. Graphite shafts are ideal for women, juniours and seniors.

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Sasquatch definitly definately NOT the Nike...the most used is Taylor Made by far (apparently)

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