Long Jump

What are the muscle actions in long jump?

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What muscle do you use when you are pushing of the marker in long jump?

vastus medialis

What is meant by the term antagonistic muscle pairs?

A muscle that opposes the actions of another. =] A muscle that opposes the actions of another. =]

Does it take more muscle to frown or jump?

i am not aware of a muscle that can both frown and jump.

What knee muscle have reverse actions?

Gastrocnemius muscle

What types of actions use skeletal muscle?

smiling and turning the page of a book are actions of the skeletal muscle

What is the basic skill on long jump?

The most basic skill in the long jump is being able to leap over a great distance. This requires explosive muscle tissue and proper form.

What type of actions does a skeletal muscle control?

voluntary actions

How do you get over the hole in mulch island on Bin Weevils?

Well you have to be at least level ten to jump over and to jump over you need to use the long jump thing in your actions tab! hope it helped!

Is jumping muscle deadly?

Do you mean twitching? If so, No. Muscle doesn't jump.

Which substance regulates muscle actions?


What are the 2 muscle actions?

voluntary and involuntary

Does it take more muscle to smile frown chew or jump?

It is either frown or jump.

Does Usain Bolt do the long jump?

He does not long jump.

Is it true that you use every muscle in your body when you jump?


What cause the muscle in the right eye to jump?

Your brain

What part of the brain coordinates muscle actions?

the cerebellum

What are the different actions of a muscle?

agonist, antagonist, synergist

Is long jump and triple jump same?

No. In triple jump you jump 3 times and only once in long jump. But the object is the same.

How hard do you have to train to jump higher?

to jump hard do excercises that build up your calf mussles because those are the muscles that you use to jump and sprint more than any other muscle. try to take a box jump on it, then jump off and on as fast as you can. another thing you can do is jump rope that really builds up muscle. you have to train on a regular basis to jump higher

How do you jump 10 on the long jump?

run then jump!

What does doing a long jump measure?

the length of how long you can jump

How long did lynn davies jump in the long Jump?


What are facts about long-jump?

Long jump was started in original Olympics in ancient Greece.

What colour flag indicates an invalid jump in long jump?

The red flag indicates an invalid jump in the Long Jump.

What is the name of a muscle when it is long and flat?

A long flat muscle is characterized as a flat muscle.

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