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Laboratory Tools and ApparatusesTools include beakers, microscopes, tweezers, hot plates, lasers, volt meters, test tubes, Erlenmeyer flasks, thermometers, test tube racks, Bunsen burners, crucibles, tripods and more.

They are used to measure, observe and gather data for experiments, as well as to safely perform reactions and to heat things. More advanced laboratory equipment includes items such as spectrometers, centrifuges and chromatographs.

Of utmost importance are these safety tools:

  1. Eye wash: In case materials get into your eyes, use this to rinse them out.
  2. Safety shower: In case materials get onto your clothing or body, use this to rinse them off.

Tools and their uses:

  1. beaker - a liquid-measuring container
  2. burette - measures volume of solution
  3. clay triangle - a wire frame with porcelain used to support a crucible
  4. wire gauze - used to spread heat of a burner flame
  5. test tube - used as holder of small amount of solution
  6. forceps - holds or pick up small objects
  7. graduated cylinder - measures approximate volume of liquids
  8. graduated pipette - measures solution volumes
  9. condenser - used in distillation
  10. crucible - used to heat a small amount of a solid substance at a very high temperature
  11. funnel - used to transfer solids and liquids without spilling
  12. thermometer - measures temperature
  13. balance - measures mass of material
  14. pH meter - measures acidity of solutions
  15. centrifuge - separates materials of varying density
  16. pipette - used to transfer measured substances into another vessel
  17. droppers - for addition of liquids, drop by drop
  18. glass funnels - for funneling liquids from one container to another, or for filtering when equipped with filter paper.
  19. graduated cylinders - for measurement of an amount of liquid. The volume of liquid can be estimated to the nearest 0.1 mL with practice.
  20. ring stand (with rings or clamps) - for holding pieces of glassware in place.
  21. test tubes - for holding small samples or for containing small-scale reactions
  22. test-tube holders - for holding test tubes when tubes should not be touched
  23. tongs - similar function to forceps, but are useful for larger items
  24. volumetric flasks - to measure precise volumes of liquid or to make precise dilutions.
  25. wash bottles - for dispensing small quantities of distilled water.
  26. watch glasses - for holding small samples or for covering beakers or evaporating dishes.
  27. wire gauze on a ring - supports beakers to be heated by Bunsen burners

For more information on these tools, see the Related Questions and the Related Links.

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