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What are the names for a rhombus?

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isn't a rhombus called a quadrilateral rectangle rhombus

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not rectangle, but this is a very strange question!

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How many names for rhombus quadrilateral?

there are several names for rhombus quadrilaterals. rhombus quadrilateral is the main name of a rhombus quadrilateral. some other names arent very similar to this name but can still describe it.

What are names for a rhombus?

A rhombus is first a polygon, then a quadrilateral, parallelogram, and finally a rhombus.

What are the different names of rhombus?

A rhombus may be a square or just a rhombus (a rhombus is merely called a rhombus when there are no 90 degree angles).

What are all the names of a rhombus?

There is the rhombus and its special case which is a square.

How many names rhombus have?

A rhombus or a parallelogram is a 4 sided quadrilateral

What are all of the names of a rhombus?

There are no names for a rohmbus since there is no such thing.

What shows all the names that apply to the rhombus?

A rhombus belongs to the class of 4 sided quadrilaterals

What are the names for parallelogram?

Square, Rectangle, Rhombus

What are the other names of a rhombus?

quadrilateral, equilateral

What other names for a rhombus?

Also called a Diamond or Lozenge. A rhombus with right angles is called a square.

What is another names for parallelogram?

A Rhombus* * * * *A rhombus is not another name for a parallelogram. In fact it is a special type of parallelogram.

What are the names of all parallelograms?

Rhombus, square, and rectangle.

What are All the names for a rhombus?

Parellelagram, quadrilateral, and rombus

What are rhombus parallelogram and a rectangle are all names for?

A rhombus, a parallelogram, and a rectangle, are different examples of quadrilaterals, that is, four-sided shapes.

Two names for a parallelogram?

a square and a rectangle and a rhombus and a parallelogram

Other names for rhombus?

A quadrilateral or an equal sided parallelogram

What are 4 names of a parallelogram?

The answer is: square rectangle rhombus trapezoid.

What are the names in a quadrilateral for 5th graders?

The names of the quadrilaterals are trapezoid, rectangle, square, parallelogram, and rhombus.

What are other names for a parallelogram?

A parallelogram is also a square, rhombus, and rectangle.

What are the names of quadrangles?

Rectangles, squares, rhombus, diamond, kite, etc.

What are 2 other names for a rhombus?

I only know one which is a polygon:)

What are the 5 names for a square?

quadrilateral rhombus rectangle Parallelogram trapezoid

What are three names for a polygon that has four equal sides and no right angels?

A rhombusA regular pentagonAn irregular pentagon.A rhombusA regular pentagonAn irregular pentagon.A rhombusA regular pentagonAn irregular pentagon.A rhombusA regular pentagonAn irregular pentagon.

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