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What are the names of all of the Marx Brothers?



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Manfred- (January 1886-July 17, 1886 - died as an infant) "Chico" Leonard (March 22, 1887-October 11, 1961) "Harpo" Adolph- Changed his name to Arthur in 1917- (November 23, 1888-September 28, 1964) "Groucho" Julius Henry- (October 2, 1890-August 19, 1977) "Gummo" Milton- (October 23, 1892-April 21, 1977) "Zeppo" Herbert-(February 25, 1901-November 30, 1979) They obtained their stage names back when they performed on Vaudeville. It was said to have happened during a card game. There were a lot of Vaudeville performers whose names ended in "o" at the time - the Marx brother's stage names were originally a joke. Chico got his name because he was popular with the girls, "Chicas", along with the above answer.