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What are the names of all the skulduggery pleasant books?


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  1. Skulduggery Pleasant (In the USA, it is called "Scepter of the Ancients", and is the same as the regular first book in the other nations)
  2. Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing with Fire,
  3. Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones,
  4. Skulduggery Pleasant: Dark days,
  5. Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil (September 2, 2010)(also known as Skulduggery Pleasant: The New Order or Skulduggery's Secret)
  6. Skulduggery Pleasant: Death Bringer (September 1, 2011)
  7. Skulduggery Pleasant: Kingdom of the Wicked
  8. Skulduggery Pleasant: Last Stand of Dead Men (2013)
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Book 1: Skulduggery Pleasant Book 2: Skulduggery Pleasant: Playing with Fire Book 3: Skulduggery Pleasant: The Faceless Ones Book 4: Skulduggery Pleasant: Dark Days Book 5: Skulduggery Pleasant: Mortal Coil The sixth book is due out in September 2011. We don't know what it's called yet.

All the books were brilliant in the skulduggery pleasant series. the best one would proberly be mortal coil it is a thriller

yes because there are trailers all over you tube and the skulduggery website. well i personally hope that there is a movie cause i have read all the books and they are b-r-i-l-l-a-n-t.

these are all the names of the books until the 7th one 1:skuldugerry pleasant 2:playing with fire 3:the faceless ones 4:dark days 5:mortal coil 6:the death bringer 7:end of the world

It hasn't been given a title yet. At the end of all of the Book 8s, it says "Skulduggery Pleasant: Book 9." So I guess you're going to have to wait. :)

it is all ready out it is called The Faceless Ones

Go and buy it!Have some respect for a great author. Derek entertains us all. Buy his book instead of pirating books.

Are you serious? That is so easy, all you need is patience

no there is going to be nine skullduggery pleasant books. the third one is called skullduggery pleasant the faceless ones. it is out now in easons and all good book shops. they are sold at around £8 at most stores, although it is surposse to be £12.99.

It's gonna be called the faceless ones. I have all three of them

Well how can he talk, walk, and well, all that stuff? Like he said "Magic." From: SunnyDayz

All of the pages are important! Each page gives you more information on the characters and the story.

Skulduggery Pleasant is a book about a girl named Stephanie Edgley who gets attacked by a man, but is saved by Skulduggery Pleasant, a man that she met at her uncle Gordon Edgleys funeral. She discovers that Skulduggery Pleasant is a skeleton that can do magic. Skulduggery tells her about a world of magic which is right underneath her nose. She becomes Skulduggery's partner and goes around with him, meeting people, and trying to beat the villain Nefarian Serpine. When Skulduggery gets captured by Serpine Stephanie goes to China Sorrows for help. China makes her stay in her apartment by controlling her with her name. Later Stephanie thinks of a new name (Valkyrie Cain) and goes to Ghastly Bespoke, a tailor. They go to the elders and get two cleavers (guards) and with Tanith Low they get Skulduggery back. Serpine sends a cleaver to attack them but they all escape, with the exception of Ghastly who is now a statue. At the sanctuary they get attacked by the white cleaver, so they have to leave Tanith behind to fight it. Serpine is trying to get the book of names so they fight Serpine who has the sceptre of the ancients (a deadly weapon made by the first sorcerers to use against their gods). Serpine uses the sceptre on Skulduggery, but Skulduggery uses the book of names as a shield and it gets destroyed. Serpine loses the sceptre because he drops it and he points his hand at Stephanie who feels pain. Skulduggery gets the sceptre and uses it against Serpine who turns to dust. The sceptre of the ancients breaks after Skulggery uses it. They go back and find Tanith in a bad state, and Skulduggery gives the sceptre to China.

In Skulduggery Pleasant: Dark Days, Val saves Skulduggery fro, the faceless one reality, but then a group of their past enemies join forces to get revenge. They steal a sort of bomb and try to blow it up in the middle of the All-Ireland World Cup Champion thing, but of course, Skulduggery and Val stop them. Meanwhile, Val hooks up with Fletcher ;)

Gorden die in the 1st book, so i guess his been dead for about 6-7 years now. i did the maths.....ok, i have all the books, just notice each book is set a year after the last one.

It is "saw" but my advice is to get the book from your nearest book-store or Library because they change all the time.

In the third book it says that Skulduggery lives on cemetery road. While there is no cemetery there are two competing funeral companies who argue most of the time. As he is a skeleton all the rooms in his house are living rooms and he has a special chair in which he meditates. Hope I've helped you :)

It's gonna b the darquesse trilogy, but that's all that's been announced. It says, 'Valkyrie will finally come into her destiny' on Amazon.

Here the question is not at all clear. What books are you talking about.

The Gallagher Girl series is the best ever in the world! O.K-But I think its Harry potter, Skulduggery pleasant, Percy Jackson, the CHERUB series. READ ALL OF THEM, BUT ESPECILLY CHERUB!

(Skulduggery means underhanded, devious or nefarious activity, usually in secret.)The shopkeeper suspected some skulduggery when all of his clerks left early for the day.The audit of the company suggested skulduggery by the board of directors, as they were all being paid twice for each meeting.

Tesseract goes to Roarhaven to kill the Torment but Skulduggery confronts him (alone). Tesseract manages to kill the Torment but a newcromer gives him a life threatening wound which he knows he can't surrvive long with. Lord Vile himself. Skulduggery and Vile have a talk which obviously shakes up skulduggery (this is all from Tesseract's point of view). Tesseract's dying and revels that he has a cat (wow). When Skulduggery asks does he ave any regrets Tesseract replies " I lived. My life is my own."When Tesseractasks the same question to him Skulduggery just says many. Tesseract smiles and says "That's the good thing about living. You get to make up for past mistakes." Skulduggery saya " Or make brand-new ones."

Skulduggery and Valkyrie find out about an assasin named Tesseract wanting to kill Davina Marr. Valkyrie seals her name. She tells Skulduggery she is Darquesse. The Remnants get loose and search for Darquesse. They find her and possess her, Valkyrie turns into Darquesse briefly but is stooped after killing a possessed man. The Giant Soul Catcher is turned on and all but one Remnants are caught. The one that is free bonds with Tanith Low. At the end Skulduggery tries to arrest Tesseract but is stopped when an armoured Necromancer attacks Tesseract and talks only to Skulduggery, the Necromancer tells Skulduggery that it is going to kill Valkyrie and the other Necromancers. The armoured Necromancer is revealed to be Lord Vile. Skulduggery befriends Tesseract in the moments before his death, Tesseract tells him about how he will miss his cat when he is dead. He also asks Skulduggery if it was Lord Vile's Necromancey that brought him back to life but Skulduggery doesn't answer.

it's the names of the different clan cats and it's there for you to reference if you've never read any of the books.

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