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What are the names of all winning Super Bowl quarterbacks?


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Super Bowl I - Bart Starr

Super Bowl II - Bart Starr

Super Bowl III - Joe Namath

Super Bowl IV - Len Dawson

Super Bowl V - Johnny Unitas

Super Bowl VI - Roger Staubach

Super Bowl VII - Bob Griese

Super Bowl VIII - Bob Griese

Super Bowl IX - Terry Bradshaw

Super Bowl X - Terry Bradshaw

Super Bowl XI - Ken Stabler

Super Bowl XII - Roger Staubach

Super Bowl XIII - Terry Bradshaw

Super Bowl XIV - Terry Bradshaw

Super Bowl XV - Jim Plunkett

Super Bowl XVI - Joe Montana

Super Bowl XVII - Joe Theismann

Super Bowl XVIII - Jim Plunkett

Super Bowl XIX - Joe Montana

Super Bowl XX - Jim McMahon

Super Bowl XXI - Phil Simms

Super Bowl XXII - Doug Williams

Super Bowl XXIII - Joe Montana

Super Bowl XXIV - Joe Montana

Super Bowl XXV - Jeff Hostetler

Super Bowl XXVI - Mark Rypien

Super Bowl XXVII - Troy Aikman

Super Bowl XXVIII - Troy Aikman

Super Bowl XXIX - Steve Young

Super Bowl XXX - Troy Aikman

Super Bowl XXXI - Brett Favre

Super Bowl XXXII - John Elway

Super Bowl XXXIII - John Elway

Super Bowl XXXIV - Kurt Warner

Super Bowl XXXV - Trent Dilfer

Super Bowl XXXVI - Tom Brady

Super Bowl XXXVII - Brad Johnson

Super Bowl XXXVIII - Tom Brady

Super Bowl XXXIX - Tom Brady

Super Bowl XL - Ben Roethlisberger

Super Bowl XLI - Peyton Manning

Super Bowl XLII - Eli Manning

Super Bowl XLIII - Ben Roethlisberger

Super Bowl XLIV - Drew Brees

Super Bowl XLV - Aaron Rodgers

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The Raiders' winning quarterbacks were Ken Stabler (Super Bowl XI) and Jim Plunkett (Super Bowls XV and XVIII).

Ken Stabler in Super Bowl XI and Jim Plunkett in Super Bowls XV and XVIII.

This only list Quarterbacks who have won a Superbowl prior to the Super Bowl listed in parathesis next to the name. Terry Bradshaw and Roger Staubach (Super Bowl 10) (Super Bowl 13) Jim Plunkett and Joe Theismann (Super Bowl 18) Ben Roethlisberger and Kurt Warner (Super Bowl 43) Eli Manning and Tom Brady (Super Bowl 46)

The Steelers had two Super Bowl winning quarterbacks:Terry Bradshaw - IX, X, XIII, XIVBen Roethlisberger - XL, XIII

One United States president (Herbert Hoover) and two Super Bowl winning quarterbacks (Jim Plunkett, John Elway) went to Stanford University.

The Steelers had two quarterbacks win the Super Bowl as starters:Terry Bradshaw - IX, X, XIII, XIVBen Roethlisberger - XL, XLIII

Three quarterbacks have started and won the Super Bowl.

Washington Redskin Quarterbacks who have won Super Bowl Rings are:Joe Theismann - Super Bowl XVIIDoug Williams - Super Bowl XXIIMark Rypien - Super Bowl XXVI

Click on the 'Super Bowl Starting QBs' link on this page to see the quarterbacks who started for their team in the Super Bowl.

3 Super Bowl winning quarterbacks who have lost their lives are - Steve McNair (Titans), David Woodley (Dolphins), and Johnny Unitas (Colts).

Jim Kelley started four consecutive Super Bowls Game for the Bills, winning none.

Ken Anderson and Boomer Esiason were the starting quarterbacks for the Bengals Super Bowl games.

Three Super Bowl quarterbacks attended Alabama. The quarterbacks are: * Bart Starr (Green Bay Packers) Super Bowl I & II * Joe Namath (New York Jets) Super Bowl III * Ken Stabler (Oakland Raiders) Super Bowl XI

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The quarterbacks for the 1977 Super Bowl XI were Oakland Raiders Ken Stabler, and Minnesota Vikings Fran Tarkenton.

The quarterbacks for the 1975 Super Bowl IX were Pittsburgh Steelers Terry Bradshaw, and Minnesota Vikings Fran Tarkenton.

The quarterbacks for the 1999 Super Bowl XXXIII were Denver Broncos John Elway, and Atlanta Falcons Chris Chandler.

No, he got it for winning Super Bowl MVP.

Seven- Dawson, Morrall, Griese, Eason, Brady, Collins and Brees.

For the upcoming Super Bowl 44, the starting quarterbacks for both teams are Peyton Manning and Drew Brees.

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