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the yellow spider with yellow lines

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Is yellow rattle poisonous to horses?

Yellow rattle is poisonous to horses. It is poisonous to other livestock as well. Yellow rattle is also known by the names cockscomb, and rattle-basket.

What is a black spider with yellow stripes?

Argiope aurantia is a black spider with yellow stripes. Its common names join such different physical descriptions as black and yellow garden spider, corn spider, writing spider, and zipper spider. The black and yellow garden spider generally may be considered harmless to humans.

What are the names of the species of spiders?

their are :wolf spiders, tarantula's spiders,fly spiders,bird eating spiders,spider monkeys

Do Spiders Have Ghosts?

No spiders don't have ghosts. However their are species of spider with common names typically referred to as "ghosts" or ghost spiders. Among the species there are harmful /poisonous Species and non-harmful species. The same thing goes for the tarantula species family of spiders. There are harmful species and non-harmful species. I hoped that answered our question.

What are the names of all poisonous spiders?

The below list includes some of the most dangerous spiders to humans. 1) Brazilian Wandering Spider 2) Sydney Funnel Web Spider 3) Widow Spiders (including the Black and Brown Widows) 4) Sand Spiders (mainly, the Six Eyed Sand Spider) 5) Recluse Spiders (including the Brown Recluse) 6) Hobo Spiders 7) Redback Spiders 8) Mouse Spiders 9) Bird Spider (A type of Tarantula found in China)

What are the two names of the American flag called?

THE STARS AND STRIPES AND OLD GLORY ARE PROBABLY UNOFFICIAL NAMES! You could possibly be asking what other names are there for the American flag, well one is "Stars and Stripes"

Why do people get scared of spiders?

Becuse of their names and what they do

Are there two types of Webkinz snakes?

no not to be mean, but yes there are 2 types of webkinz snakes. i can't remember their names, but one is like darker and has like spots, and i think maybe some stripes, and the other one is like yellow, and has like a reddish-brownish stripes.

What are 2 names of the American Flag?

old glory and the stars and stripes

What are the Names of the actors in the movie Stripes?

I think they were Bill Murray & John Candy

What are the 2 common names for the American flag?

Old Glory and The Star & Stripes

Who are Bands with names that start with white?

white zombie, White stripes, whitesnake

What are zebras names?

Stripes,jeremy, Spots, Doupe, Carlie, Karen, Namboa

Yellow bird names?

Here are some names of yellow birds;Yellow warblerYellow wagtailGolden orioleGoldfinch (American)Goldfinch(Eurasian)Even tough some of these birds are called gold... The color on them is actually yellow.

Another name for arachnid?

other names for arachid can be any kinds of spiders

What was the Name of the Cleveland Indians?

Do you mean former names? Blues, Spiders, Naps

What are all the names of yellow dogs?

Yellow Labrador Retriever Akbosh Hovawart

What are the two names for the flag?

There are several names for the American: "Old Glory", the "Star Spangled Banner", the "Red, White and Blue", and the "Stars and Stripes".

What are common names of benzene?

Benzene = Benzol = Cyclohexatriene are three names. It is clear, colorless and a Highly Flammable liquid. POISONOUS !!!

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